Monday, March 16, 2015

How Does the Weekend Go So Fast?????

The sun is shining, we found our shorts that mostly fit, and the weekend flew by!! 

Friday night I hosted some yogi friends over for dinner to celebrate Kelsey's baby #2!  There was lots of wine, laughter and I think we ate food?  We had a great time and the boys played nicely in the basement.

Paul was DYING to meet my friends, and then came up when he figured everyone was here.  He turned real shy but then we heard him yelling at Ryan down the basement stairs, "I saw them, I saw them!" Oh sweet boy! 

 Saturday morning I took Charlie to a little gym class where he kicked balls, played with bubbles and made new friends.  He LOVED it and it made me feel bad that I hadn't done this with him before. That guys loves one on one time!  

After naps Paul DEMANDED we make his Star Student Poster. He had been begging to do it since Wednesday so we could "just get it done" which really made me feel like he was my child!  This week he gets to share 8 pictures on a poster with his class.  I really tried to let go of control and let him pick his eight pictures.  So that is why there are no current pictures of Charlie and Peyton Manning made the cut.  Oh 4 year olds.  

Sunday was beautiful.  I just love this weather.  We walked to the grocery store, we went to the park, we played in the backyard and even ate dinner outside.  Oh summer, come to me! 

How was your weekend?

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