Wednesday, November 25, 2009

29 Things

In honor of my 29th birthday today, I have decided to share 29 things about myself. I know you did not ask for this, but it is my birthday and I'll do what I want to! :)

1. I don't feel that bad about turning 29. I thought about how much I have changed from when I turned 20 until now. I am happy with most of those changes.
2. When I do laundry, I take a pair of socks and make them into a little ball. Ryan told me only grandmas do this.
3. I thought I would get married later in life- like 30 or beyond. But I'm glad I snagged up Ryan when I met him.
4. I love the end result of manicures, but I hate just sitting there while it gets done.
5. I got a manicure today
6. I love going out to lunch. I think I like going out to lunch better than going out to dinner. Throw in a glass of wine at lunch and I am in heaven.
7. The hardest part about this pregnancy so far is the lack of wine. I am grateful that wine is the hardest part.
8. I am not that worried about losing the pregnancy weight. I know I will do it. And secretly a little excited for the challenge
9. I ran 6 miles this morning. I wonder when I will no longer be able to do that?
10. It surprises me when women don't have girlfriends. I think every woman needs girlfriends. I always feel lucky about the women in my life.
11. I don't like asking for help. This drives Ryan crazy, but I don't think it is a character trait I will change.
12. I am not a huge crier
13. I am also not a big worrier. Ryan worries more than me.
14. If I could move anywhere in the United States it would be Connecticut. Or Tennessee.
15. I have never mowed a lawn. I don't even know how to turn on a lawn mower. I never plan to learn.
16. If I live longer than Ryan I would like to live with girlfriends. Like the Golden Girls
17. Even though everyone tells me that raising a girl is "harder" than raising a boy, I am so happy that I am a woman.
18. My dream job would be to get paid to read. I would be so good at that.
19. I do like my current job as a teacher. I actually like it more and more as the years go on.
20. I would much rather be described as "funny" than "nice."
21. I think my parents are two of the funniest people I know
22. I wish I liked cooking more. I can get a meal on the table but I don't really enjoy the process
23. I HATE paying for gas. I really annoys me every time I have to go to the gas station
24. Ryan and I communicate best in the kitchen when we are both sitting on the counter.
25. My first concert was Whitney Houston. I still love Whitney
26. I love that I am named after my grandmother.
27. I think that a lowercase "e" is much more attractive than the uppercase version "E"
28. If I had to choose between chips and salsa and chocolate, I would choose the chips and salsa every time.
29. I feel like my life is on the exact path it should be

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  1. I'm happy you are 29.. my daughter.. an incredible woman.. married to a wonderful man.. and going to be amazing parents.. boy.. life doesn't get any better.. xoxo GG/Ann/Momma Ann


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