Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Wishlist Birthday/Christmas Edition

In less than a month I turn 34.  Gasp.  And then it is Christmas.  Gasp Again.  So I think it is time to develop the much anticipated LIST.  Here is what is on my wish list:

I've talked about them with too many people.  It's time to bite the bullet.  Gray Converse.  Size 8

Maureen inspired me with big girl pajamas.  Instead of old yoga pants and a random tee-shirt from 2003 maybe these?  Size Medium and obviously I will wear them just like this gal.  

And these cute pink slippers would be a great addition to the pjs outfit :) 

I like this neutral table runner.  I could just keep it on the dining room all year long! 

I read some reviews of the UP 24 Jawbone and I really want to try it!  Can track your steps and SLEEPING and workouts and calories burned and all that fun stuff! 

Pretty sure it is time for a new yoga mat.  I stand firmly my Lululemon's THE MAT and I love the blue color! 

Ryan will laugh hysterically because he randomly will fold my laundry and is in shock about how many yoga pants I own.  But I love them.  And these are really cute! 

And while we on the subject of yoga, this is super cute! 

I think I need a "R" bracelet to add to my P and C!  All the boys on my wrist #adorable 

I also told my mom I would like a cordless upright Dustbuster thing.  For my floors.  Like after dinner I could do a quick vacuum of dog hair and food?  But it is such a pain to unwrap the cord and plug it in.  The struggle is real my friends.  Anyway, does this exist?

My dad always likes to get me a book.  I can't wait to read this one! 

Plaid and a scarf?  Yes please. 

To celebrate the season I also love gift cards to Nordstroms, Lululemon, manicure/pedicures and wine.  LOTS OF WINE.  Or cash. (ha ha)

What is on your list?  Is it too soon to talk about it??

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall Break California Style Part 2

I think I love Santa Barbara so much because it reminds me of my childhood.  Of spending plenty of hours at the beach, playing in the ocean, building intricate sandcastles and feeling that California sun on my back!  

Sunday morning we woke up and had breakfast.  My grandma came to the hotel to join.  It was this morning that Paul declared to me, "Mom?  The truth is, I have to poop."  Well isn't that nice.  After we got all our bathroom problems worked out, we headed to the beach! 

Charlie hated it.  

This one LOVED to be chased by the waves! 

And throw rocks.  Duh

Charlie had a layer of sand on his scalp when we returned.  Beach baby. 

Beautiful weather in Santa Barbara this time of year! 

Sweet Gaz

Gaz and my crew- couldn't convince Paul to stop playing.  Fair enough.

The "kids."  Why am I so short???

My sweet Ry Guy.  Someday I am going to realize that taking a shower before these photo shoots is a good idea.  


Oh and I held handstand on the beach for literally POINT 8 seconds.  Ryan would like everyone to know he should actually get credit for this because he was such an advanced photographer.  

After the beach, we swam around in the hotel pool and had some lunch.  We put the boys down for a MUCH needed nap and my mom and I went on a little driving adventure.  We went to my Grandma Elaine's old house and my Gaz's old house and stopped by the cemetery.  

Ryan called and said we needed to make a beer run so we stopped by Trader Joes and with my beer I accidentally picked up these gems.  TROUBLE.  

After naps we got ourselves together so we could EAT more (is it possible to gain 23 pounds in 48 hours?)!  We went to Beach Side because Ryan LOVES their halibut.  The setting was beautiful

As was this little guy! 

We woke up Monday and had a lazy morning! 

And then had a little more beach time! 

Our flight didn't leave until 4 but we thought the boys would do better if they had a little nap, so we strapped them in and drove around for .4 seconds before they fell asleep. 

I put them in their pjs thinking they could fall asleep on the plane or on the way home since it was very close to bedtime.  Wishful thinking.  We arrived at the airport and had a little movie time and stuffing a banana down our throat time.  

We arrived home and went straight to bed.  Everyone slept in until 8 which is a downright miracle.  A whirlwind of a trip but so fun!!  

It's almost Friday y'all!  I would be happy about that but I am still on fall break so that is mostly sad for this lady! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Break California Style Part One

I am not sure Ryan and I travelled anywhere for fall break?  Usually we are at home doing lots of projects or a whole bunch of nothing, which is always nice and important.  But this year my mom found some really cheap tickets to Santa Barbara, CA (where her and my dad grew up and where plenty of my extended family lives) and we decided to do a very small trip over break.  We only travelled Saturday to Monday but it was so nice to get out of dodge and play at the beach with my favorite little dudes!  

Our flight didn't leave until Saturday afternoon so I went to yoga and we had plenty of time to pack, write the instructions for the dog sitter and get ready!  

Paul insisted on bringing his hat.  This is the only time he wore it. #ofcourse

We arrived just a touch early, so Ryan and I indulged in some red beer (it's healthy because it involved tomato juice, yes?) 

The kids were excited to be at the airport and were being super cute: 

Luckily the plane ride was uneventful.  Charlie fell asleep.  Paul looked out the window, played with his cars, and watched a show on the ipad.  

We arrived and were only a few minutes away from our hotel. The boys ran around like crazy people and checked everything out.  

We then had a dinner with all our aunts/uncles/cousins and grandparents that were in town.  It was crazy and loud but fun to see people we haven't seen in awhile.  I realized I had not been to Santa Barabra since Paul was 2 months old.  He is now 4 1/2.  Oops.  

All the grandkids and great grandkids that were in town!

I love how Paul is looking at Grandma Zena! 

We came back to the hotel and had some more wine with Buck and Kascie!  The kids did great in the hotel room and were PUMPED for the beach the next day!  Come back tomorrow for LOTS more pictures! 

Today for fall break adventures I am going to clean out our playroom and THROW some stuff away!!  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Favorite Magazines

Another very important blog post today.  What magazines do you read?  In my earlier days I LOVED magazines.  Nothing seemed more indulgent than sitting on the couch and flipping through pictures! This is something that hasn't had much attention since Charlie has been born.  It is probably a good thing, but then the magazines start to stack in different places around my house BEGGING to be read and then I start to panic that I will never be able to read all the magazines I have.  There are real problems going on around here my friends. 

The two magazines that consistently come to my mailbox are US Weekly and People.  They are obviously not the most intellectual pieces of literature in the world, but it is a great mind escape.   

The other one that comes to my mailbox every Saturday is The Week.  It does a great break down of everything going on in the world in little snip its, so you don't feel like an uninformed idiot, but I don't always read this one (tsk tsk) 

My mom gives me her old copies of Real Simple and Oprah.  I love both of those although from where I am sitting I can see two editions I need to read.  Maybe fall break will come in handy to catch up?

And if I am really feeling wild and have some time on my hands (ha, ha), I love Vanity Fair and Elle. But I probably haven't picked those up from the grocery store in 18 months.   

What is on your magazine must read list?
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