Wednesday, July 23, 2014

California Trip 2014!

Again, summer is my season.  I love the relaxed feel, the sunshine and of course the vacations!  We went to California with my family and the boys LOVED it.  The plane was really exciting (obviously), the sand tasted yummy (gross) and they were enthralled with the ocean! 

I was a little worried about the flight.  I knew Paul would be okay because he likes to watch movies and he is obsessed with planes.  I was right.  Charlie was our wildcard.  My friend gave me a leftover drink ticket which I promptly used to order a bloody mary.  Nothing can be that bad with vodka and tomato juice.  Again, I was right.

Charlie was just fine on the plane.  He bounced around from person to person and even fell asleep at the end.  We were feeling pretty proud of ourselves until we started driving through the mountains of Mendocino.  Then Charlie got carsick.  SIX times.  At one point I just sat in the back seat with a clean diaper under his mouth and told Ryan to just keep going.  We just had to get it over with.

However, once we were there is was a great vacation.  I love that little boys are thrilled to chase birds, throw rocks, and build sand castles.  The drive back was much more successful as in no one got sick and Charlie was a little more restless on the plane, but we made it out with little to no judgement from other passengers and I call that a win-win.

Thanks for my dad for taking all of these pictures.
He is so blonde and so cute! 
The windup to play croquet.  In case you wanted to know what that looked like. 
Someone tries to keep up! 
Life is good! 
Sometimes all you need are rocks.  
Eating Sand.  Yum?

This is what you do to your big brother when he won't pay attention to you! 

Friday, June 27, 2014


Sorry to tell you that during summer everyday is Friday.  But I will try not to rub that in!

Maureen and baby Vivi were here last week!  We fit 3 car seats in the back of my car and Ryan reminded us that we used to be drunk and promiscuous.  Now we have babies.  Thanks Ryan. 

The next day we had a play date with our two friends from college.  One has two boys.  The other has one.  Meaning we had 5 boys and one girl.  Vivi is a lucky lady to choose from some nice chaps.

Most play dates revolve around eating snacks.  Actually that is true whether you are 3 or 33.  

We decided to take a picture of everyone together.  This always sounds like a good idea and then is not.  This is the best shot:

And a "behind the scenes" look.  There were promises, bribery and some stern talking.   If only they could just sit on the couch and smile.

Maureen and I then packed up the troops and headed to the mountains.  Actually I only took Paul and left Charlie with Ryan back at home.  My reasoning?  Paul will watch TV.  And sometimes I like to have cocktail hour with a side of Mickey Mouse.  True story.

We had a great weekend full of mountain air.  We celebrated Diz's birthday, Paul walked a llama and then cried he couldn't take one home and we hiked.  Exciting development on the hike was that Paul decided he had to go to the bathroom.  #2 bathroom.  It was really a special moment watching my son poop in nature.  I'll cherish it always.

Tori and Will also just added a puppy to their home, Clover.  Paul loved Clover and followed her everywhere.  She tolerated it for the most part.

We walked to dinner one night and Paul did fine on the way there, but after some slices of twelve dollar kid's pizza and lemonade, he was tired on the way home.  Only Auntie MoMo would think of this solution.

Maureen and I arrived home Sunday afternoon.  We gave the kids a bath and put them to bed.  We were on the couch contemplating going to bed at 8:45 because we were exhausted.  Ryan reported that our actions proved this the lamest girl's weekend EVER.  We stayed up until 10:00 to try and prove we still have it.  We do not.

Vivian was super cute and it was a wonderful weekend with my best gals.  And no, I don't want a third baby.  In case you were wondering.

In other news, here are two great reads about mom and their swimsuits.  One is sweet and one is funny!
Also, I probably need these pants, right?

Tori sent me this and it is SO FUNNY.

Happy Friday!! xo

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Just Have to Start!

I feel like my blogging comeback should start with a profound story.  But that is too much pressure, so I am just going to start writing.  About nothing.

We are summer break.  Can I get a Hallelujah?!  Summertime is my season.  I love that it is light outside until 8:30.  I love having all the windows open and hearing the kids playing on the neighborhood block.  I love that it is more socially acceptable to drink during the day.  All my loves in a season.

Ryan went to Ohio to grade papers for EIGHT days and while I am sure that was hard and boring and tedious for him, I WAS ALONE WITH MY CHILDREN FOR EIGHT DAYS.  Obviously I survived, many people helped me and cooked me dinner and did my dishes which leads my to believe that families should live on compounds.  Each family could take a night to cook dinner?  And everyone could help with laundry.  There would always be someone to entertain your child.  I want a sister wife.

Anyway, We have done lots of pool time, park time, send the kids in the backyard and shut the door time. Whenever anyone sees Charlie they always comment on his very blond hair!  He will probably be platinum by the end of the summer.

At the "beach" 

I also bought the Groupon for Orange Theory Fitness and I am totally obsessed.  The workout is not rocket science, I just love someone telling me what to do.

Auntie MoMo is coming to visit tomorrow with baby Vivi.  We are so excited to see the cute baby and look through all her cute girl clothes.  Actually I am the only one excited about that! :) We are then headed to the mountains for Auntie Diz's birthday!! It will be a great weekend.

I better end now.  Don't want to overwhelm myself!  Hopefully this summer can include more time for blogging!

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Treats

Thank you Friday.  And thank you nice weather.  It has been so windy here the last few days.  I don't think there is anything worse than wind.  Anyway, today was beautiful and I took the kids to the park and Charlie tried to do everything Paul did, which made me nervous but we all survived.  On to some Friday treats!!

These graphs are just so freaking funny!!

Have you seen this lip sync battle? Now I'm in love with Emma Stone

This had me in tears laughing so hard!  It is 100% on point!

I saw this picture on another blog- can't remember where (sorry) and it spoke to my heart.  Maureen and I were on the phone the other day complaining that working part time is leaving us so poor (boo hoo).  But she then remembered what a co-worker told her.  That she would never regret being home with her sweet baby.  And she's right.  When I am on my death bed, I can't imagine the thing I will be thinking is that I wish I worked more!

Happy Friday friends!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Paul and Charlie- Listen Up!!!

Dear Paul and Charlie,
Remember when I carried you around for 9 months in my belly?  And I only allowed myself one cup of coffee?  And I didn't get to drink any WINE??? Remember when I gave birth to you?  And remember how much I love you and kiss you and think you are the best two dudes in the universe?

To celebrate my dedication to motherhood, I probably need these items from Nordstroms.  Because nothing shows love like clothes and jewelry.

PS- show your dad this list.  I don't want either of you learning to use my credit card just yet.


TOMS sandal 

This cute maxi dress I obviously need to look cute this summer when I'm taking you to the park and pool. 

This cute wrap

This jacket 

These nice earrings 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A little bit of Easter

I know that if I had a girl, she would have multiple Easter dresses.  But I don't.  So I have to settle with boys in button down shirts with collars.  Which I happen to think is pretty adorable.  My dad took all these pictures.  My mom hid all the eggs and did their Easter baskets.  I drank coffee.  

Things to note: 

  • My brother gave Paul those new green shoes for his birthday.  He loves them because they are bright and he can put them on himself.  Thanks Velcro.  We get many comments on them from his teachers, friends, and strangers.  And no, they do not glow in the dark.  We tried.  
  • We tried to put Paul and Charlie in the jeep together for a nice Easter ride.  Charlie cried about 10 seconds in.  If you've seen Paul's driving skills, you would cry too.  
  • Silly string can entertain a four year old for a long time.  Especially when you can squirt the string at your grandfather.  

Friday, April 18, 2014

My Baby is FOUR!!

My sweet sweet boy turned four years old on Wednesday.  How in the hell did that happen?  We had our family over Sunday morning for donuts and coffee to help celebrate.  My dad took all the pictures which was fabulous!  On his actual birthday we gave him a few more presents, a cupcake and asked him some questions!! 

1. What is your favorite color?  Blue
2. What is your favorite toy? The Monster Truck toy from my birthday

3. What is your favorite fruit?  Cantaloupe
4. What is your favorite show? Paw Patrol

5. What is your favorite thing to wear?  Pajamas
6. What is your favorite game? Perfection

7. What is your favorite snack?  Sauce
8. What is your favorite animal?  Rhinoceros

9. What is your favorite song?  The Space Song from school

10. What is your favorite book?  Lightening McQueen racing adventures
11. Who is your best friend?  My best friend is Sophia.  My best buddy is Tyson.  Funny story about Sophia.  I took Paul to see Rio2 at the movie theater last weekend.  When we got home, Ryan was taking him to bed and asked him about the movie.  Paul reported that it was about two birds, Jewel and Blue, who were in love.  Ryan asked him who Daddy was in love with and Paul replied, "Mommy." Then Ryan asked Paul who he was in love with.  Paul said Sophia.  Ryan started to laugh and Paul asked why he was laughing.  Ryan said, "because I think it is cute."  Apparently Paul did not crack a smile and said, "Dad it is not funny.  It is serious."  Love is serious.  

12. What is your favorite drink? Milk
13. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Monka (monkey) 

14. What do you want to be when you grown up?  Go to work with my friends

Happy Birthday my little man.  You make me laugh everyday.  You ask a million questions and like to talk and talk and talk.  You love to snuggle on the couch and love to run.  Sometimes you will run an entire mile without stopping once.  You love school, you love your friends and most of the time you love your brother.  I'm so amazed of all the things you know!  Thank you for being part of our family!

And a family shot plus Best Buddy Tyson.  Looks like I have 3 boys.  Thank the Lord that I do not.

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