Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Well I have to say, the thing I am most excited about today is FALL BREAK!! 

In just a few short hours I will be celebrating with a Bud Light.  ONE WEEK off.  No where to be, no one to answer to, just hanging out with my favorite dudes.  Of course I have some plans.  Like get a pedicure.  And clean our baseboards.  Seriously, that is on my list.  But mostly I want to read and play and enjoy the boys!

Good things I've read this week: 
1. This article about firepitting your marriage and children- always saving the "good" stuff for when you have friends over.  This really hit home for me!

2. Bad at something?  Do it anyway! Loved this and it had the "F" word quite a bit!

3. This made me cry.  Be nice to yourself and enjoy life- What the dying really regret.

I read this book in a day and a half.  I couldn't put it down.  It is depressing and amazing all in one! Check it out!!

We are getting a new library in our town which is much needed, and this week they had a special story hour at the site where the new library will go.   The mayor read a story about Construction and then the kids received plastic hard hats and got to dig in little pools of gravel for BOOKS!  Talk about an adventure.  Then they all were lifted up into a bulldozer to honk the horn.  A very good day that combined the two favorites of my children: books and dirt! 

Finally we had parent teacher conferences last night and of course I spent 80 hours looking in front of my closet figuring out what to wear.  Thank the lord I have an iphone and can text mirror pictures of myself to girlfriends for outfit approval.  What did we do before technology??  I was worried the scarf (from Forever 21) was overwhelming, but I rocked it regardless!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Favorite Blogs

I love waking up early in the morning and having my hot coffee alone and catching up on my favorite blogs!  Here are some of my favorites... I read more than this but I get excited when I see these people have posted.  My favorite blogger stopped blogging.  She should reconsider.  Anyway.....

These are people I know in real life: 
Jenn of The Kearney Good Life!  She has 3 boys.  Cameron is 6 and her twins are 3 and she gives me good perspective of raising boys.  And gives me good recommendations on planners.

Kendra of My Full-Thyme Life!  Kendra and I went to high school together and she has a boy and a girl very similar in my children's ages.  I feel like we go through similar stages and issues with our kiddos, so it is nice to confirm what I am already feeling! :)

Janet from Love is Blonde.  I LOVE when Janet posts.  She has twin boys, a month older than Charlie who are the cutest dudes you have ever seen and frankly I just love what Janet writes!

Karlyn from The Taylor Tots.  Karlyn is actually Janet's sister and she has two boys that are almost the exact ages of Paul and Charlie.  I like boy moms.  Karlyn is smart and kind and I love looking at pictures of her sweet family!!

Food Blogs :
Caitlin of the Healthy Tipping Point!  She has great vegetarian recipes, she has a little boy, I like her writing style and she started something called Operation Beautiful which encourages woman/people/whoever to leave little sticky notes of encouragement about life or the way they look anywhere strangers could find them.  I think this messages is especially important for high school girls, so I love reading about her passion of spreading positivity.  

Tina of Carrots N' Cake.  She is really in to cross fit, her husband is a teacher, and she does a great job of balancing the fun and healthy choices!

Family Blogs: 
Julia of My Life in Transition.  Julia just had her third baby and she takes great pictures and does a great job blogging about the normal day to day routine of raising a family!

Kelle of Enjoying the Small Things.  I love this blog SO much.  The pictures are amazing, the writing is incredible, and it just lifts you up and makes you feel better after you have read a post from this blog!

Fashion Blog: 
Pinterest Told Me To is awesome. This is a blog about Sheaffer trying to recreate outfits she sees on Pinterest with her own closet.  But more importantly, her recaps on the Bachelor/Bachelorette are to DIE for.

Fun Blogs: 
Shay from Mix and Match Family.  Speaking of the Bachelor, this is the blog of Sean Lowe's sister. She is sweet as can be and blogs about her kids, fashion, what she makes for dinner, house decor, etc.
Andrea from Momfessionals.  She has 3 kiddos, is a teacher and friends with the two blogs above. She has a funky style and is a busy mama and I enjoy her blog quite a bit!

Famous Blog: 
I am sure you all have heard of Glennon from Momastery.  Her writing hits home for many moms and she is HILARIOUS.  She wrote a book that I still need to read but is sitting on my nightstand.

I Just Like It Blog: 
Sarah from Whoorl.  Fashion, family, health, whatever.  I like how Sarah writes, her hair is amazing and I always feel like I can learn a little something from her blog!

Whew!  What are your favorite blogs?  I would love a little more reading material in the morning!: ) 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Found on my phone!

Don't you love when you find hilarious pictures on your phone that you totally forgot about?  Or wish you would forget about?  Here is what is on my phone roll: 

Charlie loves a good selfie.  He thinks he is really funny and laughs every time he can see himself in the camera! 

This is one of the pictures I wish I could forget about.  Sometimes when I take a shower, Charlie sneaks upstairs and basically DESTROYS my bathroom while I try and get clean.  It really starts off the day right when you step out of the shower and see this.  

 The only way to watch TV is bum up. 

Paul was playing "dentist" with his doctor kit and I DIE over the glasses.  But he was very serious.  

Another pastime of Charlies' is emptying my purse, disassembling my wallet and finding my keys so he can make the car horn honk.  Fun times at the Vaughn household. 

This one is just from the other day at the trampoline park.  Charlie looks terrified and Paul looks ecstatic.  

Happy Wednesday! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Yes Mom!

As a mom I think it is almost humorous to count how many times we say NO.

Can I eat fruit gummies for breakfast?  NO
Can I wear my pajamas to school?  NO
Can I lick my brother?  NO
Can I take the 8 gazillion toys I have snuggled into my hands in the car on the way to the store?  NO

You get the idea and I am sure you have your own stories of unusual requests from your house. Sometimes when you are with several different families, you can hear the word almost in slow motion.  No.  No.  No.  Then we all laugh about it.

I read this blog awhile ago about sometimes instead of automatically replying with No, try YES! On some occasions, it really doesn't matter if they have fruit gummies for breakfast.  And I am sure there is some brother bonding in licking one another (gross).   And why not take all your toys and cars that you can carry in two hands for some errand shopping?  Sometimes it feels good to say YES.

A few weeks ago it was raining hard and I picked up Paul from school.  It was chilly and windy and as we were running to the car Paul suggested we get some hot chocolate to warm up.  Before he even finished his sentence I was saying NO.  And who the hell says no to hot chocolate?  I quickly changed my tune and told him it was a great idea.  We walked in the rain to Starbucks, purchased two sugar filled hot chocolates, topped with whipped cream and it was a lovely afternoon.

What have you said yes to lately?

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Lazy Weekend with some Beer!

Good morning little sunshines! I feel like I've had a busy morning already because instead of prepping for the week last night, I went to the Bronco game.  YOLO.  Anyway, we had a nice weekend that was mostly lazy and I think it is just what we needed!

Friday I met my friend from college at the indoor trampoline park.  Charlie was overwhelmed as was I, but it did make them tired which we all know if my number one goal.

Friday night we had pizza and a few beers with our friends as the boys ran around.  We tried to harness them in with a movie night and were about 50% successful.  But everyone had fun and that is what matters!  Saturday morning I woke up for yoga and then rushed to get my hair colored.  I came home and we all took a trip to the library and made it home for lunch and naps!  When Paul woke up he asked to lay with me.  By "with me" he meant directly on top of me but who can complain?

We had lots of plans for Saturday night, but we instead did nothing.  We ate leftover pizza and the kids played around us!  We finally finished Season 3 of Scandal (OMG) and I read my book for a bit. It felt amazing to do NOTHING!! 

Sunday morning was an early wake-up call thanks to Charlie.  I finished up some laundry and then took Paul to his girlfriend Sophia's house.  While he was there I went to yoga and then the grocery store.  When I returned, Charlie helped me unload the groceries.  I turned around for one second and someone figured out how to open a new box of sandwich bags and threw them all over the floor.  Then he gave me this face.  

Sunday night I went to the Bronco game with my girlfriends.  I (as always) was on my best behavior and now am exhausted for my Monday at work but it was all worth it!!

How was your Weekend??

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!  I felt like this week was long and busy, so I am happy to not be at work today.  I am sitting in my own sweat after an early morning yoga sculpt, drinking my coffee and coconut oil.  Not all is bad.  

I had a great Monday with the boys.  I thought Paul looked so cute in his stripes!

Then of course we had to have a silly one.  Duh.

And Charlie didn't want to be left out.

I didn't work so we met up with my friend Karlyn and her two boys at the Nature and Science museum downtown.  Because she has two boys, she knew all the spots that would be appropriate for them to run and jump and be crazy.  It was great!

We came home and Paul did not nap.  I think this is the beginning of the end of nap time.  And I am sad.

Some funny things for your Friday Morning:


#2.  Have you ever seen this show?  It is so ridiculous and so funny at the same time!

#3. What I Instagrammed vs. What was Really Happening, Or my Entire Life is a Lie

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I Love a Good Planner

I know that my Google Calendar is necessary.  Really necessary.  Ideally Ryan can see what is going on and I always have it on my phone, so it makes on the go plans easier.  Here is November.  I love all the colors.  And why are we so busy??

As much as I love the online version, there is something so satisfying about a paper planner.   My friend Jenn shared this one with me and I LOVE IT so much.  No we didn't get compensated for this post or planner, but we should.  We really should.  It is from Etsy (duh), Plum Paper Designs.  They have tons of options, tons of colors, tons of ways to get what you need!

One of my favorite characteristics is that there are different columns that you can name yourself  to keep organize.  My tabs include Ryan, Paul, Charlie, Blog, Dinner, Working Out, Rodan and Fields. That way at a glance, I know where my husband is, my children, what I need to blog about and what is for dinner.  It is awesome.

The month organization is nice at the beginning of every month and they have spaces for important dates, quick calendars that look ahead, and a space in the back to keep a hold of all those random papers you may need.

And one other bonus?? It's Pretty!! :)

  What about you?  Totally online or back to the old school paper way?
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