Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Eleanor and Park

I just finished this book.  My friend Jenn recommended it to me and told me "it just has all the high school feelings."  And she is right.  It takes you back to the time where kids are mean but then nice at the same time, where the feeling of love is real and outrageous and where you are trying hard to navigate all the feelings.  It brings your right back to your own high school days, sitting in the desks with the chair attached, with fluorescent lights above you, trying to listen to your teacher but being distracted by so many other things and people.  You think I would be more sympathetic to my own students after reading this book.  BUT FOR GOODNESS SAKE LISTEN TO ME AND PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY.  Moving on... 

You'll read this book in two days and I hope you love it as much as Jenn and I did.  Check out more reviews here.  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What's on my playlist

I swear that half of my text messages between my friends are questions like, "I like the __________ song.  Am I hip?"  Ha Ha!

Here is some of my newly purchased music.  Lets just remember that I teach yoga sculpt and need to pump up my crowd, so don't judge too much.  You can share your songs too if you are that disgusted. (Ryan).

I don't even think I like Taylor Swift, but I like this song.

 I love Ed Sheeran and his crazy red hair. I can't help it.

 This song we played during a cardio burst in yoga and people worked hard.

 I mean who doesn't love Adam Levine? After I saw him on Jimmy Fallon I'm obsessed.

 I cannot get enough of this one. I LOVE LOVE when I catch this song on the radio in the car. It improves my drive 100%.

 What is on your playlist? I'm always looking for something to add!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had a crazy weekend full of parties, celebration, FOOD, wine and laughs!  My bestie from Texas came with her sweet baby Vivi to celebrate another bestie having a baby!  Charlie and I picked up Maureen and baby Vivi Friday afternoon and headed right to Paul's school so he could join the fun. Before we knew it, we had 2 adults and 3 kids roaming the aisles of Target.  I think we did pretty well but when we were checking out we could have experienced a meltdown at any given second from any given child.  Luckily we made it out of there ALIVE and only forgot toilet paper.  

Everyone commenced at our house for snacks, wine, and analyzing!  It was really fun and I stayed up past my 8:00 pm Friday bedtime.  Proud mama.

Saturday was the baby shower and Vivian and I took lots of pictures of our awesome print outfits and smiles.  She loves her Auntie E.  She also loves Ryan.  Vivian obviously sparked the popular conversation of should we have a third baby because everyone needs a girl.  I shot down the controversy real fast.  We have two boys.  They are healthy and cute and I just don't know if I have the stamina to raise an independent, strong woman who is pretty and kind and smart.  Sorry Ryan.

After the baby shower we went over to Tori's parent's house for dinner and more wine.  I don't care how old we are but I just love Tori's parents cooking me dinner and pouring me wine.  Paul came with us and entertained Tori's dad by explaining the 74 (seriously) toys he packed in his backpack unbeknownst to me.  We also took a picture of 4 roommates who met 13 years ago in a little house by the University of Denver.  13 years ago.  That is sad and I just don't feel that old #25forlife.

Sunday we woke up, went for a walk and then sat on the couch for a concerning amount of time. We got up long enough to discuss beauty products and Maureen convinced me I needed this:

Sunday night we finally got all the kids to bed and Maureen and I were sitting on the couch drinking wine and watching Real Housewives of New Jersey (obviously).  Maureen was commenting on how ridiculous it is that all these people talk so much shit when the cameras are in front of them.  She ended her commentary by asking, "I mean are these people stupid?"  Just as she finished, we heard a little voice from behind, "Auntie MoMo said stupid."  A certain 4 year old was sitting on the stairs for who knows how long listening to us and apparently watching a little Bravo TV.  We laughed for a long time and he thought he was pretty hilarious as well!

Monday was an early alarm clock because I had to go to work!  Maureen came with so she could use my car for the day and on our way we heard FLEETWOOD MAC.  I mean, that is a sign we are all suppose to stay together forever!

A busy weekend and when I get home from work I will realize how quiet and boring my house is without all my people!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Favorites

Thank you to Friday for making an appearance.  To celebrate, here are my favorite Friday finds!

I made these baked tacos for dinner this week.  Just like a regular taco but then you put the whole shell with meat and cheese right in the oven.  YUM.  Here is the recipe.

Do you love Instagram?  Then you totally need these Chatbooks!  A little book with all your Instagram pictures with the HASHTAGS!  They are so cute and perfect!  Get the app!

Love this military jacket from Nordstroms (duh.  Where else?)  Fall get here soon!  Oh wait it might be here today.  It is 50 degrees.  But it will be 80 on Saturday.  Weather is weird.

And a little promotion for myself! Want to try Rodan and Fields skincare?  If you sign up as a preferred customer this month you will be entered to win a FREE eye cream.  That is a 60 dollar value my friends.  This stuff is so amazing!  There is a 60 day, empty bottle return policy so really there is no risk in trying.  Whatever your skin issue is, I have the answer! #changingskin

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I believe.

I believe:

1. There is no better sound then laughing children.

2. That getting up 15 minutes early every morning to have some quiet time can change the direction of your entire day.

3. You should always read before bed.  Even if it is only a couple of pages.

4. You need lots of girlfriends.  And laugh with them.  A lot.

5. People are doing their best at that very moment most of the time.

6. Day drinking is a fabulous hobby.

7. A clean house can make you feel like you can take on the world. 

8. A manicure can put a pep in your step.

9. Yoga can heal most things.

10. My husband is my biggest fan. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What the Boys Wear

I am in a really good spot where I am still able to dress my children.  My people tell me that this won't last forever.  That soon my kids will have an actual opinion of what they want to wear to school.  And it probably won't be what I would want.  WHAT?  My people tell me all of a sudden they won't want to wear jeans.  And they will wear athletic shorts even when it is negative sixteen degrees outside.  And all their shirts will have characters from a dumb show on them.

That day will be super sad for me.  Because I love dressing my kids in a good outfit.  I don't have girls so the "cuteness" factor is limited, but I work with what I can.  And from the following pictures, you can see I work with a collar.  I like a collar, a button down, or if we are getting really fancy I like a sweater vest.
And I can already tell you I will cry actual tears the day my boys say no to one of my great outfit requests.  And until then I will pop those collars and hope for the best.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What is On My DVR

This is a really important post.  It is about TV.  I think I watch too much TV.  But I don't know if I actually watch it.  I feel like it is on a lot and I'm trying to read a magazine or write emails to students or grade.  Then 30 minutes go by and I have to rewind the show because I have no idea what happened in the last half hour.  Maybe I should stop trying to multitask.

Anyway, I am still committed to the fan favorites, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Kardashians, Real Housewives of everything, and The Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, Bachelor in Paradise and any other Bachelor nonsense.

I'm also looking forward to these oldies coming back later in the month:

And I just added these to the DVR.  Maybe I will actually try to really watch them and figure out what is going on.  I have heard amazing things about Scandal and the Good Wife.  

Am I missing something?
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