Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend Recap

Oh three day weekends.  I adore you!  I am a little sad that September is here and ready, as it really marks the end of my sweet sweet summer.   But I am feeling better about getting into the routine of school/work/where the heck are my kids going and I think after week 3 is over, we will be golden.  We had a great weekend with a good combination of activity and laziness. 

First, I had Thursday off so Paul and I met up with his old friend from his class last year, Sophia.  He loves Sophia.  Talks about her all the time.  She is going to a different school this year, and every day I pick him up he likes to tell me that Sophia wasn't in class that day.  That she must be sick.  I have informed him that she won't be in class ANY day, but when the heart doesn't want to listen, it doesn't listen.

Friday night I took the kids over to my friend Kristi's house who has 3 girls.  One who is 10.  The 10 year old is the sweetest child on the planet and watched/entertained my boys while I ate pizza and drank a beer.  Heaven.  Charlie was so worn out that he fell asleep on the short ride home.  That's a win folks.  

Saturday we went to the pool and then I have no idea what we did.  I guess nothing very exciting. 

Sunday I woke up and participated in our studio's last day of yoga in the park.  Something so fun about moving your practice outside.  Yoga and working on your tan?  Sign me up.  

Later in the day we tried something new and hit up downtown Parker's Brew and BBQ.  Just what it sounds like- music, day drinking and lots of meat on a stick.  Throw in a few bounces houses and the kids were worn out and happy.  
Did I wear this hat all weekend?  Check.  

Met up with our friend Ellie and caught them holding hands.  Let the wedding bells ring.  

Charlie fell asleep on the way home and then didn't want to sleep that much, so I snuck away for a pedicure.  Sorry Ryan!  Sunday night was bro-night so Ryan could draft his fantasy football league and I rented this dumb movie.  I wanted it to be good.  But it really wasn't.  

Monday was a lazy morning with the last day of the pool (tear) and lots of hanging out with the boys.  

How was your weekend?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Random Friday Post!

It is Friday.  FRIDAY.  And we have a 3 day weekend.  Life can't get much better!!  Here is the most random Friday ever:   

I forgot to mention that Paul and I made apple cupcakes for his first day of school.  Paul loved the frosting and I think the final product mostly looked like an apple! :) Maybe I need red cupcake liners.  


Did you know pumpkin spice lattes are back?  I am sure you did.  I feel like I should wait until the calendar clicks over to September to have one, but maybe I'll sneak it in this weekend.

This blog post was hilarious.  I know from experience how competitive UNO can get.  Bitches.

This post made me cry.  I just love this message.  "It is what it is and it is what you make it."  I think we all could learn a little something from this article.  

I have some fall fashion crushes.  Elbow patches?  I'm into it.  

Are Converse cool again?  Am I too old?  The high school kids are wearing them which always makes me nervous.  But I love them.  

My best gal-pal Maureen has three fur vests.  I am obsessed with them.  I can't even tell you the measures I went to last year to try and find one.  I couldn't.  If I don't get my hands on one this season, I am flying to Texas and stealing one of Maureens'.  #yesimthisobsessedaboutavest.  

Lets be honest.  This is seriously the cutest thing in the world.  

Happy Friday my Blog Friends!! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer Salad

What do you all make for dinner?  I am feeling so uninspired lately.  I want it to be quick and healthy and taste good.  Is that so much to ask for?  Actually, if we are wishing for things then I wish someone would make it for me too.

We had some friends over a couple of weeks ago and they brought this fantastic salad.  I made it again just a few days later.  It is easy, fresh and tastes amazing!!

Simple ingredients include watermelon, cucumber, red onion, feta cheese, basil, olive oil and salt and pepper.  Make it today. It's amazing.  You should also add tomatoes and toasted almonds, but we didn't have any and I was too lazy to deal with the grocery store.  It was still really good!

Recipe from here! 

Seriously though, what are you making for dinner?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Day of School!

My favorite four year old started his second year of preschool Monday.  I made my dad squeeze in a quick photo shoot before he had to go to work.  How handsome is this sweet thing?

Please notice the different color socks.  That is Paul's thing.  He thinks it is really cool to have crazy socks like this.  I'm just happy I can still get him in a shirt with a collar.

I didn't think I was going to be sad because this is our 2nd year of preschool.  He is going three days this year instead of two, but it is at the same school.  However,  when I hugged him goodbye my heart felt a little heavy.  He hugged me a little tighter than usual, but was ready to get started in the classroom. He did come back to find me after we said goodbye and I thought he was a little sad, but he just wanted to ask where his friend Kipton was.  Super.

When I picked him up he reported his day was AWESOME!
He said he learned a lot of things, but he couldn't remember them all.  He played outside twice.  His teachers were nice.  There were new kids in his class but he didn't know their names.  He took a nap.  He ate most of his lunch.  He went to the bathroom twice and washed his hands one of those times (super).  And then the thanked me for taking him to school.

I seriously hope that he always loves school and learning this much!  To many more four year old adventures!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Books I Read This Summer

This summer I read 25 books.  I think that is pretty good.  I love sitting outside and reading when my kids are sleeping.  Or laying on the couch.  Or on vacation.  So pretty much anytime and anyplace. Here are some of my favorites with a link to a synopsis.  I am currently reading Sharp Edges and it is freaking me out.

Read more about this book here! 
This is the same author of A Hundred Summers if you've read that! 

Read more about this book here.  
This was a really fast read and something different.  You are rooting for the main character the whole time even if he isn't always the kindest of characters. 

Read more about this book here. 
I also read this book really fast when we were in California.  I liked it, but at some points felt uncomfortable because the main character (a mother) is addicted to pain medication.  You just can't believe some of the decisions she makes as a mom.  Drugs are bad.  

Read more about this book here. 
This book is about a family who is troubled but go on vacation with one another.  It took a bit for me to get totally involved, but I enjoyed the writing style.  

Read more about this book here. 
This book was long people.  Over 700 pages.  But my two besties Tori and Maureen read it at the same time, so I knew I had to power through.  I really did like it, it was extremely well written but this poor guy.  Nothing ever good happens to this fellow.  But seriously, it is worth it if you can commit to the length! 

Read more about this book here. 
After the Goldfinch, I needed something light and this one was perfect.  Another fast read, you can relate to the characters fast and for some reason the ending really surprised me!  

Read more about this book here. 
This is actually written by J.K. Rowling but she wrote under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.  It took me a little while to get hooked, but then I couldn't put it down as I was trying to figure out who did it!  I am waiting for the second one on the library hold list! 

What was the best book you read this summer?
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Recap!

As school starts back up, I remember how much we have to cherish the weekends.  And if we want to get anything done then it is in our best interest to do activities that make little boys tired.  Then they will nap.  And we can vacuum, read, do school work, make dinner, fold laundry, wash sheets, and get.a.grip.  There is a lot to do at nap time.

I was off on Friday so I had big plans for the pool since it is only open for a bit longer, but of course it was rainy and cloudy and in no way shape or form appropriate pool weather.  So we packed up in the car and headed out to do the weekly grocery shopping.  Real exciting, I know.

Snapped these cuties checking out the toys at Target.  Paul is pretty good at just looking and knowing that we are not going to purchase.  Charlie on the other hand...

When Ry got home from work, I met my yoga girlfriends out for a little wine walk.  Basically you walk around Main street and hop into different vendors and they give you wine.  And maybe a cracker if you are lucky.  It was really fun and there was A LOT of laughter and it was a perfect way to end the first week of school.  Wine heals.  

We combine yoga and wine.  Don't you?  All of these friends are from me just going to yoga over and over again.  They are all so funny and smart and are the kind of women that only want to support other women.  The world needs more of that.  #girlpower.

I returned home exhausted because it was 9:30.  Super.  Saturday morning I headed off to yoga to detox and twist all the wine out (that was painful) and as I left I captured our Saturday morning routine.  Paul hoarding his planes and cars while Charlie tries to steal them.

After yoga, we packed up and headed out for a Saturday hike.  Charlie rode in the backpack and Paul was a real trooper, walking the entire way! It was beautiful and nice to be outside before the weather shifts.  

And all our dreams came true when I turned around in the car after the hike and saw this.  He fell asleep in about 3.5 seconds.  Poor guy was TIRED.  

While the boys continued to rest at home, I did some work.  On a Saturday afternoon.  I mean, isn't that sad? The hardest part about this job is that there is ALWAYS something to do.  But it felt good to get a few things checked off my todo list!!

Then I don't know if you knew this, but the Broncos played Saturday night.  So Ryan required everyone in the house to put on their Bronco gear.  And he was serious.  We take football season VERY seriously.  The boys happily obliged.

 How cute is Charlie Vaughn?

Sunday we hit up the pool and Charlie giggled, while Paul practiced his swimming!  

Paul is doing such a great job swimming and has come SO far since the beginning of the summer.  He is understanding kicking and moving his arms outside of the water, however we need to continue to work on actually MOVING from place to place.  Ha! 

So excited for next weekend, especially since it is a LONG one!! What did you do this weekend?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer 2014

Well one week done with work.  My schedule is the most complicated thing on the face of the Earth (I don't even think I am being that dramatic) but it allows me to only work three days a week.  And although sometimes it is hard as I feel like I am doing nothing well instead of one thing really well, I know I would regret not spending times with these boys of mine if I went full time.  

So in celebration of week one in the books here are some memories from summer.  We had such a fun break: California, Mexico, a crazy amount of pool time, playing outside, catching up friends, and most importantly spending many days and nights together as a family!  How many days until the next summer again??
Boys getting their suntans

Spontaneous chips and salsa and margarita Tuesday. 

We cleaned the garage.  Can I offer you a scooter, bike, something to ride?

Charlie and his buddy Jed looking for planes.  I think they look like twins. 

Paul and Delilah deep in summer love conversation.  

Went to Paul's friend Charlie's house (not to be confused with his brother Charlie) and washed a car.  Entertainment for at least an hour.  A genius idea by Charlie's mom.  

Family pool time.  Paul was real stressed with the sun in his eyes.  

I love taking pictures of Charlie because when you say "cheese" he gives you this grin.  And he thinks Popsicles are pretty awesome too.  

We tried a night swim party, brought beer and ordered pizza, thinking we were real fun.  Of course it started to rain right as the kids jumped in.  They swam for a bit anyway, but were FREEZING when it was time to get out.

A lot of baseball.  The neighbor boy just started playing and has asked Ryan to play catch many, many times.  Luckily, Ryan LOVES this.  Then our boys want to join the fun.  As you can see, I just sit back and take pictures and drink a beer.  I'm really good at summer.  
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