Thursday, November 5, 2009

Name Game

Because Ryan and I are both teachers, brainstorming for baby names has been VERY difficult. When one of us suggests a name, the other can shoot it down immediately; "NO! I had a ___________ in my 3rd hour class that was a real shit." So far our list is very limited. And by limited I mean the only names we have on a list are under the subheading of "names we don't hate."

So we need your help- leave us some suggestions. We decided early on that we would keep our baby name a surprise until the big day (you know how people start talking shit about names) but we would love some suggestions!

I'll leave you with this clean nursery


  1. okay, well, i still really like Ella or Jack. (jackson)

    I also like Ann as a middle name.

    To get the ball rolling, here are my baby names, which i'd like to declare off limits pending negotiations:
    ava, river, griffin, savannah, vivian, samuel (middle name Twain, my homage to mark twain/samuel clemens: Samuel Twain)

    For boys names I like
    i also really like ryan, don't know if you guys are into the renaming thing.

    for girls i like:
    I cant' even think of any others because i like Ella so much.
    I have to say, the coolest newborn baby name of all the babies i've taken care of in the last 3 years is, hands down, the baby named bentley danger...... DANGER'S MY MIDDLE NAME.

    oh, and will's only contribution to this was "elaine junior."

    im going to think more about this tomorrow when i am at work, there are lots of baby books there.

  2. I love Ella! That get's my vote too! Boy name stress me out, mostly because Isaiah is convinced that Atreyou or something like that from Neverending Story. I can't even spell it! I like Orion- like the stars... from Men in Black. Because it has Ryan in it but it's not Ryan Jr =) Ryan has our dad's 1st name as middle name- so maybe baby boy will keep Ryan as a middle name? You did such a wonderful job naming the dog, I am sure the baby will one up him =)

  3. Memphis Ray Vaughn. He'll be a 7 year old blues guitar prodigy. In fact, he'll demonstrate his skills with Eric Clapton on Oprah. Done.

  4. Only if you spell it like Memmfiss. haha, Jk. I don't know what names! I will keep thinking about it and look for our old list. I do know that we had Riley in the finals but I thought it was too close to Ryan, and since I was the one saying both names, I didn't want the confusion. yes....I'm easily confused.

  5. i like Memphis.
    is this seriously a contender? i hope it is.


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