Sunday, November 1, 2009


I think this nursery is so cute. I am not crazy about the orange, but that could easily be replaced with another color.
How do I make this happen?


  1. Buy a crib and dresser that are not painted. You can find them online, and then you will paint them the colors you want.

    Find a cool rug at Pottery Barn Kids or somewhere else that sells cute rugs.

    Look for cute wall hangings on Etsy.

  2. i like the orange, just not such a bright orange. i agree with jenn, buy unpainted furniture and paint it. or at least the dresser. i dont know if its easy to find an unpainted crib. you can buy a normal rocking chair, excuse me i think mommies call them nursing gliders, and then have the cushions match the colors.

  3. I say let's hire Kathy Ham and call it a day !!


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