Saturday, November 21, 2009

Someone is getting married!

My sister-in-law just got engaged last night. I've decided to give her some tips on how to successfully plan a wedding. She did not ask for this, but since marriage is ALL about unsolicited advice, I will continue with my top suggestions.

Drink a lot.

Someone in your family or his family is bound to make you angry. The best way to cope is wine.

Just bite the bullet and spend the money. You may plan a budget, but most likely your desires and your financial plan will not agree. Get over it and drink more wine.

Do yoga. You will need the stress relief plus it will give you killer arm tone for your wedding dress.

Stop and breathe. Although you have spent months and months worrying about little details, if one of those is amiss your guests will have no idea. People just want to drink and dance and witness how happy you are. They won't remember your center pieces or flower arrangements.

Enjoy the ride. You only get married once so appreciate the planning process. It is so fun to devote an entire day of celebrating the L-O-V-E!!!

Congrats--- and if you need help picking out invitations I highly recommend myself! :) It was my favorite part. Actually I have your whole wedding planned out in my head. It involves your parent's backyard. Maybe you should hire me as your wedding planner. I'm cheap.


  1. and cheap is a good thing! Thanks for your enthusiastic support, E. You're the best!

  2. I AM STILL CRACKING UP!!! Maybe it's because I took your advice... drink more! You are the best Aunt E! After wedding melt down #1 after only 7 days of engagement- I am thinking you are the gal to plan it! =)

    Love you E! Thanks for the support =)


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