Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Lights

It seems my husband has an aversion to Christmas. I think he likes the getting presents part, but doesn't appreciate the cookies, the tree, the decorations, and he definitely does not appreciate the LIGHTS.

In our neighborhood (yes the suburbs) lights are a VERY big deal. I was complaining and complaining to Ryan that we were going to be the ONLY ONES who didn't have lights on their house. So because he is husband of the year (or more probable because he wanted to shut me up) Ryan conceded and we now have a very classy and simple white light situation above our garage and porch. I love it. Maybe the Scrooge is turning over a new leaf?


  1. thank god this post ended with ryan putting up the lights, because i was like, seriously ryan, an aversion to ANOTHER holiday?! first halloween costumes, and now christmas lights. let me guess, you dont want baby vaughn to have birthday cake either.

    thank you for the lights.

    in new orleans christmas lights are a big deal too, and per kitty's request ive been taking a lot of photos of them. theres nothing quite like gorgeous old southern mansions with lights on them. ill post those soon.

    i really like your white lights on the garage and porch.


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