Sunday, December 6, 2009

My mom will be so proud...

Actually my MIL will probably be proud too!
This is nesting as its finest:

Organization of linen closet? Check.


  1. Ohhh come to do my house next!!!!! AND how have you been able to not open that piece of paper? I am amazed by your self discipline!

  2. E, I'm proud of you whether you have a neat closet or not....although this really is the nicest one I've seen!

  3. If you feel the need to come nest our house too, please feel free to do so!! ;)

  4. Love the linen closet--and your Mom told me about the labeler that you can get at Walmart (and other places)--I need one of those--beats writing with a sharpie on everything! Uncle Rob needs for me to get one also, because he keeps asking, "Where is...." and doesn't even look before asking. Yes, I know we're in a new house, but don't you think he could look in some cupboards before asking me?!!! :-(
    I remember reading an article about having children before we got Jeff--about how the woman was told she wouldn't have time to water her houseplants--and she thought the person was nuts---well, guess what?!!! She wasn't nuts! It's just that you have different priorities once the baby comes along, and maybe watering house plants isn't one of those priorities! So, get fake plants that you don't have to water! Love ya lots, Auntie Martha


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