Friday, December 11, 2009

This Guy...

Just won Teacher of the Year today!!!!
This is a huge honor. I am so proud to be Ryan's wife today (well everyday, but especially today).
Congratulations babe!!


  1. So proud of you, Ryan!!!
    love, Mom & Dad

  2. YAY! I wish I was a good teacher like you!

  3. I have sent this picture all over the world.. What an amazing honor! Those of us in the trenches know .Elaine and Ryan.. thanks for making a differnce! xoxo Momma /Ann

  4. Congratulations Ry Guy!!!! I feel honored to be your neighbor ;)

  5. Patti and Mark were visiting and we were blog surfing and we came across this post and Patti freaked!! She informed me that this was HUGE, huge news!!! Yay, Congratulations Ryan!


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