Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Valentine

Reasons why I love my valentine:

1. His fashion sense has really evolved:

2. His passion for sports

3. The way he fixes things around the house

4. His ability to look at the bright side

5. For perfecting the "take a picture of us" shot

6. His musical talents

7. He is smart and serious and thinks about things differently

8. He is funny and silly and can light up a room

9. He always wants to be a better man and husband

10. He constantly shows me how much he loves me

11. He helped me with this

12. I couldn't imagine my life without him

Thank you for being the best husband! I can't wait to tackle this new adventure together. I love you forever!
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Oh, Elaine, this is so sweet. No wonder Ryan loves you so much. You bring out the very best in him. Happy Valentine's Day to both of you!

  2. well, didn't that just make me a little teary eyed! ummm.... i can think of one more reason why ryan is a great husband: he is incredibly nice to your friends, especially me. he is seriously, seriously NICE and very witty and funny and i trust him completely. it's almost like he's my valentine too! don't tell will!

  3. I am crying! Oh... he's so lucky to have found you! Happy Valentines Day love birds!

  4. geez Vaughn.. first you're watching Oprah, then the Bachelor, now women are crying'cuz you are so wonderful.. I think you need a mother-in -law to slap you around..ok ok .. you are pretty special.. again geez..
    xoxo Momma/Ann


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