Sunday, February 21, 2010

Push It

When Ryan and I were first talking about getting engaged, we went ring shopping for some preliminary guidelines: shape, color, style, etc. One salesperson (a real dickbag) told us that we needed to find the perfect ring because at some point I was going to be furious with Ryan and lock myself in the bathroom. It is in the bathroom, I would eventually look down at my left ring finger, see my wedding ring and be reminded of how much Ryan loved me. This conversation seriously occurred.

For my "push present" Ryan got me another wedding band. I LOVE it! We also had our rings polished and cleaned and they look much more bling.

So I guess when I am trying to push my son out and I want to give up, I'll just look down at my new wedding band and find the inner strength because it will remind me of how much I am loved. Or perhaps the epidural and promise of beer at the end will help my motivation. Only time will tell.


  1. let me attest to the truth of these statements. i saw elaine last night and in the middle of a sentence she brushed her hair out of her face and i grabbed her hand mid air and demanded details. it was THAT MUCH bling. very shiny. very serious. very big girl. excellent push present ryan. well done.

  2. I too was caught off guard by the bling!! Well done Ryan. Well done.

  3. Push presents!!! LOVE it, I can not wait to see the new bling up close and personal!!


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