Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dont Judge Me....

I just checked out these two beauties from the library:

Okay, go ahead and judge. I can hardly believe it myself.


  1. ah.. I think I prefer the post on the diddy the dog.. praise God you did not buy them and give tha B....anymore money..
    xoxo Mom

  2. Hi. My name is Jennifer and I watch Tori and Dean on the Oxygen network and I want you to loan me her books when you are done. Thank you.

  3. is your mom using slang? "tha B"? does she mean "that bitch"? THE SWEAR WORD ABBREVIATING IS OUT OF CONTROL! i wrote a blog post about it.

    i think its only natural to read these motherhood tomes as you prepare for birth and motherhood. obviously tori spellings advice is crucial at this time. i think they call that the nesting urge.

  4. Those are like my favorite works of literature. You will LOVE them. Her mother is so insanely eeeeeevil!


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