Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Joys and Concerns

Last night we went to our final baby class entitled "Babies, Baths, and Bundles." At the beginning of class we had to go around and introduce ourselves and come up with a joy and concern about having the baby. Everyone else in class said they were so excited to meet their baby and add to their families and love their new additions. Common concerns were finances, lack of sleep, being responsible for a life, etc.

Here were our answers:
Ryan's joy- "We are going to be a dominate penis household." (this was my concern)
Elaine's joy- "Getting to have a glass of wine."

Our class hated us.


  1. hahahahaha...That is awesome! Remind me to tell you the best trick about giving baby a bath that I didn't know until Cameron was about 3 weeks old.

  2. Laughing hysterically!!! Other than meeting BBV, one of my joys will be having a glass of wine with you as we squish your insanely cute baby!!

  3. first laugh of the day. ditto to tori's comment. if i was your teacher, you would be my favorite students.


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