Monday, March 8, 2010

My Job

Last week in class I gave my psychology class a half sheet of paper and asked them to make of list of things that motivated them. Popular answers were: friends, grades, parents, pride, sports, money, self-fulfillment, happiness, success. However, I did one special treat from a boy (I am not sure which boy since they didn't have to put their names on the paper):

Thing That Motivate Me:
- Video Games
- Sex, lots and lots of sex
- Making art
- Boobs



  1. That is a special treat. Are you sure my husband wasn't in your class that day?

  2. Good point- maybe it was my own husband?

  3. I think that all the other boys were lying. That list was a true, honest list of what motivates all boys (and men - but I guess if you really look at them, all men are just big boys).


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