Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baby Fairy

The baby fairy left some presents on my porch today! Trashy magazines, margarita glasses, diapers, gum, headbands, and a nursing tank-top! What a fun treat to come home to!


  1. Baby Fairies are the best!!!!!! Oh, my...only
    a few days left!!!!! Hope you enjoy your LAST day of school for a few months!!!!!!!
    We CANNOT wait to hear your good news!!!!

  2. if you dont have the baby this weekend... do you still have to go to work on monday? does maternity leave just start? because ive got monday and tuesday off, so we could make some plans. more power walking? spicy food? nipple pinching? or just our usual?- hysterical laughter?

  3. oh, the baby fairy came all right.


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