Monday, June 21, 2010

Bad Movies

Last week Ryan and I went on a movie and dinner date. This is the first time we did not pick the movie based on what we want to see, but rather had to choose based on the time the movie was playing. My only requirement was that we went to the movie theater that sells wine, so you can sip and watch your movie at the same time. Genius if you ask me.
Anyway, this is what we saw:

And.... we had to walk out early. It was so bad. SO BAD.
Ashton, you are cute, but you are not that cute. I even had 2 glasses of wine to try improve this situation. It did not help.

The last time I walked out of a movie was when my girlfriends and I saw this one:

Sorry J-Lo. Not your best work.

Any movies you had to leave early?


  1. I left early during the movie Jack with Robin Williams. I was of course in middle school and was probably freaked out by the incredibly hairy MAN attempting to be a child.

    However, The Ry Guy walked out of Titanic. Both he and his Dad walked into that one thinking it was a hard core action movie about everyone dying on the ship. Wrong...I only imagine that they got the the naked drawing or the hand print in the steamy car and called it quits.

  2. When he was about 5, we took Ryan to see "ET." He kept asking to go to the bathroom, and we finally realized that he was scared to death of ET!

  3. I honestly can't remember the last time I went to a movie theater. =) But I walk out of the living room all the time when J puts in movies. He likes crazy B movies or slasher/monster movies. No thank you.

  4. Never walked out of a movie, but we have walked out of one play....Terra Cotta Warriors. Without a doubt, the worst play ever!!! And, to think we paid 75 bucks a pop for that!!!!

  5. Oh we just went on our movie date night (also to the theatre that sells beer and food) and picked The Killers (were you there??!).

    The only reason we didn't walk out was bc this is the first movie we've seen in the theatres in over a year. And we had a free babysitter. But it sucked. Really sucked. Could they have picked a more cliched story?!

    Too bad. But date night is still fun regardless of the crappy movie!


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