Friday, July 16, 2010

3 months.

Baby stop growing up!!!!
Three months old and I can't believe. He just keeps getting bigger and cuter!
Our big milestone this month is that we found our HANDS!!! Can't get enough! He waves them in the air, stares at them, and then of course tries to shove his entire fist down his throat. It is pretty attractive!

This boy loves to move. He can literally entertain himself for an hour just laying on the ground waving his arms and kicking his legs. Then he starts laughing because moving your limbs is hilarious. Obviously.

He has turned into such a big boy! He is almost 12 pounds (I know that is not that big to some who were born at almost 12 pounds-- but for our little nugget it is a pretty big deal) and loves to eat. LOVES IT.

We are still trying to capture his smiles on camera. His smile is so cute because it lights up his entire face. But whenever we get the camera out he gets distracted and can't flash us that million dollar grin. We had a few "almost got it" moments:

Still working on tummy time. He is not rolling over yet, but can scoot himself around a little bit and gets himself into a downward facing dog pose. However, sometimes tummy time can be exhausting, so he has to lay that head down and suck on his fingers.

And then decides he better just take a nap.

He is still lovin on his dad, and I am getting used to everyone saying, "He looks JUST LIKE Ryan!"

He also is a champ in the bath and has liked the pool for the most part! I am too chicken to dunk his whole face into the pool, but I think before the summer is over we will give it whirl!

He is holding his head up and loves looking around and checking out his surroundings. He has discovered ceiling fans which also can provide hours of entertainment. Cheap thrills I tell you!

He is doing pretty in the sleep department. He had a couple nights of sleeping from 8:30-7:30, but this week he has been waking up around 4:30 or 5:30. This won't be so bad once we are back to work, but I guess Paul doesn't realize we are on summer break. Sleeping in is necessary!

Nap time-- I love his arms!

I am getting so sad that I have to go back to work in a month. I have loved all this time off and being able to hang out with Paul and watch him grow and change. I know we will all get into the swing of things, but I think those first weeks will be so hard--- on me! :)
I attempted a self portrait of us playing together. But then he smacked me on the face, so we ended up with this:

I love you baby Paul! Try to slow down so I can savor every little moment with you!


  1. Are those baby tennis shoe socks????? I'm dying.

  2. What a happy, precious baby boy! I love the bath picture...he looks so relaxed!

  3. He is so so so so handsome! I love you and miss you baby Paul!

  4. these are really good pictures! this is what i was TALKING ABOUT when i requested more baby paul on the blog! he is such a cutie pie!

  5. i want avideo of this hand waving stuff !

  6. He looks like he's ready to fist pump Pres. Obama in the first picture! He's so cute~ love the pictures!


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