Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Breakin up is hard to do

Did anyone watch this last night? Jake looked liked a controlling, crazy, psycho killer.
Your thoughts?


  1. I don't watch this show but my celebrity blogs are bleeding from this story. I think I need to youtube this video. Does he really clench his fist?

  2. god damn it i really need to see this.

  3. ok.
    i am in the middle of watching this right now on youtube and i can barely watch. i am closing my eyes or looking at the bookshelf and just listening. totally crazy...but i think vienna is the one who is crazy. stop breaking up your fake relationship on tv. gross.

  4. Well obviously I watched. Probably should have sent you some texts during it!! He's a creep. She continues to get worse herself. They are just a bad couple. There was definitely NO love left in that relationship. Perhaps he's second judging his decision and would rather the girl that "shits out rainbows" :)

  5. Who talks to a woman like that? Granted she's a total nitwit herself, but the man was ANGRY. Like not your run-of-the-mill upset... he had crazy, domestic violence eyes!! If someone talked to a woman I cared about like that they better be ready for fisticuffs. I remain on team Vienna. If Jake would have just shut his stupid mouth and not gotten so worked up he would have won the gossip war in my mind.


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