Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How do you celebrate 4 years?


  1. What exactly does one wear (specifically the Ry Guy) wear to a Lady Gaga concert for your anniversary?!?? :) Have so much fun and happy 4 year!

  2. how do you celebrate mind numbing jealousy? why, a bag of pretzels in the boarding area of ohare airport, of course.

  3. A white mesh tank top, some cool "around the eye" paint/makeup, strategically ripped jeans, and enormous black leather shit kicker boots. Duh Kath.... what else would I wear???

  4. I learned the following from the show tonight:
    1. GaGa hates money apparently. I sent her an email about this and am expecting reimbursement for the tickets I BOUGHT. Oh, she also hates technology. She screamed "Fuck technology" prior to singing "Telephone". Please see #3.
    2. You don't have to be gay to love GaGa, but the chances are pretty high that if you love GaGa you're gay.
    3. Pop music has completely taken over the rock n roll attitude of "fuck everything". Making "fuck everything" actually seem a little bit dull. Perhaps this is my age speaking too though. I can't help but wonder where we go from here on this one.
    4. GaGa is crazy amounts of talented.
    5. I love GaGa, but am not gay. I knew that I wasn't gay prior to the show, but I wasn't quite sure whether or not I loved GaGa.
    6. I want to tattoo my left arm from wrist to shoulder to express my individuality.
    7. Elaine thinks #6 would be a bad idea.


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