Sunday, August 15, 2010

4 months!!!

Today Paul is officially 4 months old. Today I am officially sad my baby is growing up so fast.
- He has really started to chunk up and get some cute baby fat rolls.

- He also has found his knees. I think it is so precious when he just hangs out with his hands on his knees.

- He also has learned how to roll over. He can only roll from his back to his stomach. And then he decides he doesn't really like to be on his stomach, but can't figure out has to roll back. This results in some crying. Then Ryan and I wonder why we wanted him to learn this new trick.
- He is still pretty excited about the discovery of his hands. He has also found his toes a bit, but his fingers are still number one. He is a master of grabbing things. Feeding has become a bit of a nuisance because Paul thinks he can hold his bottle. But he can't. Luckily everything he does is just so darn cute.

- I mean seriously, how cute??

- We went to the zoo this month and wore big boy shoes. I die.

- This month he also decided he really loves Diddy. Diddy comes over to lick him every morning, and when he stops, Paul waves his hand around Diddy's face so he can start licking again. I think these two will be great friends.

-He still loves his Bumbo seat and taking in the world from a different perspective. We have also put him in his exersaucer a few times. If that thing doesn't give him attention deficit problems, I don't know what will.

- He goes to bed like a champ. We put him in his crib awake, and he falls asleep on his own. Right now he is sleeping about 11 hours, from 8:30-7:30. Naps are okay. He usually takes a good morning nap in his swing, and from then on it is hit or miss. But sometimes he falls asleep on the couch sucking his thumb and you almost want to scream about how adorable he is. But then you realize screaming would wake him up and so you resist. But it is hard.

- This month he looks so much bigger to me. Like a little man. One of my favorite outfits is this shirt Auntie Sarah got him. It says I surf Little Waves.

- He also got a visit from his Auntie Mo this month all the way from Texas. She loved him. Obviously.

- Ryan started running this month, and Paul was very supportive to his father. He motivated Ryan by wearing matching headbands.

Paul loves blowing raspberries, "talking," kicking, screeching, smiling, and putting anything and everything into his mouth.

- In case you were worried, he still looks exactly like Ryan.

-But hopefully his mom is in there somewhere

- Another 4 month development was a haircut. Goodbye rat tail. We used our home operation clippers and said good-bye to the white trash. And it was kind of sad. I saved his hair from this first cut to put in his baby book.

- Paul you are the happiest little guy in the whole world. You wake up grinning and so happy to see us. I can't believe how much I love you. Tomorrow you start daycare as we both return to work. Words can't even describe how much I will miss you. I know you will have fun and make new friends and be loved on but I wish I could stay home and play with you everyday. Luckily I am only working the mornings, and will look forward to our afternoons together.
But look at this face?????? Can you believe I am going to have to leave this little chunky monkey?

Happy 4 month birthday little man.


  1. Cameron was just looking at this with me and said, "Ahhhh...Baby Paul is so cute!" I couldn't have said it any better!

  2. OMG he is so freaking cute! I love reading about what he is doing because I know what to look forward to. I am really really hoping the 11hr sleeping part will be next :) I'm so sorry you have to go back to work. It sucks, but it makes me enjoy the time with Nolan even more. Give Paul a big kiss from me!

  3. I want some plaid shorts just like his.

  4. I DIE, he is so cute and chunky. I can not wait to squish him again!!

  5. So adorable! You will make it through work. I promise!

  6. i just got home from work and bridesmaid dress shopping and looked at this again. i looked at it yesterday too. how is it possible that he can look so much older when i just saw him two weeks ago? how? i love him!

  7. ps...I glad to see that the rat tail is gone :)

  8. Oh soooo cute. happy 4th Month Bday (A little late) :)


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