Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why Was She Here?

This was the reading my dad gave at my Grandmother's funeral:

"When I faced the loss of my dear
Grandmother Rose, I asked the
question, 'Why was she here?' for I could
not comprehend a day without her
gentle smile and caring touch. The loss was
so painful. But as days and months passed, I
found that the pain I had felt began to
transform itself into something completely new.
The empty hole in my life was slowly
filled in with a warmth. As I lived again and
worked myself into a daily routine,
I began to understand that my successes
and achievements were her pats on the back,
her hugs when I was discouraged and her
stories of her dreams and hopes for her
children and grandchildren when I had none.

So, the question 'Why?' became clear,
I realized that my life was an extension of
hers. When there is a hole someplace in the
world, I believe a warmth eventually fills it.
When there is poverty, a richness of spirit
eventually comes to help.
I believe we are here for each other; to lift,
to encourage, to dream. Without that kind of giving,
we cease to exist. So, as Rose gave to me, I try to
give to others in my work, in my personal life,
in my charity. For me, that is why.
That is harmony."
-- Marlee Matlin

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