Sunday, August 29, 2010

Working Moms

I cannot believe that people have a full time job and raise a baby. I know that most people do this. All my mom friends do it. My mom did it. And now I am doing it. But I am so tired.

When I first started my job, I was fresh out of college and remember reminiscing about all the time I had during those university years. At maximum I had two classes a day. And then I sat around watching 90210 reruns while debating where we were going to drink that night. Ah, college. I never appreciated the extreme relaxed schedule of college until I started working.

I feel a little of the same now. I had no idea how much free time I had when I was just working and had no baby. I could come home from work, sit on the couch a bit, go to the gym whenever I wanted, sit on the couch some more, maybe go out to dinner, talk on the phone, grade some paper, indulge in a glass of wine, read a book, relax, talk, rest.

Now the alarm goes off at 5:15. Ryan gets up to run and I get in the shower. I get ready, go downstairs to turn on the coffee and leave the house about 6:15. Ryan gets home from running, gets ready, wakes up the baby, feeds Paul, and takes him to daycare. I get to work and try to remember my lesson plans for the day, make some copies, and then attempt to entertain teenagers with US History. When I finish teaching I get everything ready for the next day, go through my millions of emails, squeeze in some grading and meet with students. I will say that my work day goes very fast and is very busy, so it is hard to find time to miss Paul. I think that is a good thing.

I leave work about 12:45 and pick up Paul (yes my hours are awesome for this year and I know I shouldn't complain) from daycare. We chat about how cute he was that day and then we head home. Paul usually falls asleep in the car so when we get home I VERY carefully try to get him in the house without waking him up. I am usually successful in this task and he continues to snooze in his car seat while I make myself some lunch. Then I sit down to eat and Paul wakes up. This happens almost everyday. Super. I give Paul a bottle and then we play while I try to scarf down my lunch. Ryan gets home around 3 and I hand over the baby so I can go to the gym. While I am there, Ryan usually give him another bottle. I get home from the gym, play with Paul a little more and then try to get dinner ready. Paul sits in his cute exersaucer while we eat. Then we clean up, make our lunches for the next day, get the coffee ready, and set out anything Paul may need for daycare. The baby gets another bottle and then we usually end the night by watching a recorded episode of Wheel of Fortune. Seriously.

Paul gets a bath and some snuggles and then goes to bed. I go downstairs and look at school work I might need to get done, and then usually don't do anything because I am too tired. I try to do a load of laundry, or wipe down the kitchen, or just sit on the couch to veg. I am in bed about 9:00 to try and read The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest, but I usually only get through a couple of pages before my eyes start to close.

To say we are exhausted is the understatement of the year.

I just feel like I am missing something. I don't understand how I am suppose to get everything done. There is always something to do.

Working moms, help me out. Am I just going to get used to this busy schedule? Am I missing a piece of the puzzle that will magically make all of this easier? Should Ryan rob a bank so I can stay home with my sweet baby? Help me!


  1. I know you said you're tired, but it sounds like you're doing an amazing job!

  2. it will get better. remember how tired you were when he first got home and we said it will suck for three weeks...everything sucks for 3 weeks. thats still happening.

    i think other people stop cooking homemade food and stop going to the gym. :(

  3. Elaine - You sound like every other working mom that I know. O is almost 27 months old and to be completely honest I am still tired almost every day. But it's true that you will get into some sort of routine and you will get used to it. It may take a while but it will get easier. Trust me.

    I was a complete mess the first few months after I went back to work - emotional, hormonal, O was getting sick so I'd have to leave - it was just a mess. But it gets better. Really.

    I think you are doing the right thing in making sure that you have time for yourself by going to the gym. You have got to make sure you keep that up. It will help you maintain your sanity. Ask for help when you need it. You have lots of people around that are more than willing to help. Maybe one day when you get off work go home and nap before you get Paul. (I know! The horror! The GUILT!) It's worth it. Really. =) You'll be a better mom for it.

    I probably should have just sent you an e-mail.

  4. First of all, let's walk this week to talk about this. As tired and frustrated as you are, I must say it will get better. You learn to adjust and you do make it all happen. I'm not sure how we do it, and some days I break down in tears! But both Ryan and I keep active workout schedules, watch our favorite TV shows, cook dinner, yard work (all Ryan), shopping, etc...all while both working full time, commuting for an hour each way and still getting what I think is great quality time with the babe (toddler). And as you feel lucky to be done at noon, for me, it is my Mama-Ty-Fridays that keeps me going. That, and weekends! Ours are still usually busy, but we now love including Ty in any activity. (However, still get those date nights and adult fun in!!)

    Is it easy? No. But does it get easier? Yes. We are currently in a phase where Ryan and I usually don't get to eat until after Ty goes to bed after 7:30. One of us is feeding him while the other changes for the gym and we no longer eat all three at the same time. This drives me crazy. But...we make it work.

    I know we didn't have it all down right away, but we got there...just as you will!! Hang in there! and seriously, let's walk...with wine.

  5. i thought I had posted but it must be lost in cyper space.. First, let's give a shout out to you and your hubby... spotless home, smiles on your face, meals, diverse life, time for family and friends, amazing teacher, daughter, wife and whoo hooo what a mom.... and let's not forget.. that beautiful perfect baby who is healthy, happy, smiley.. and did I say.. perfect?
    As your life moves on.. each phase, new baby, another new baby, sports 2-3 times a week, school projects, elderly parents to care for ( who me??) etc.. you don't think you can add one more thing to your plate.. but some how you do.. and all of it brings richness, joy,love and extreme fatigue to your life.
    You both are I keep using the word.. amazing.. the baby is amazing.. I don't feel your frustration..I just think it's.. well damn hard.. and that's the truth.. I know you are taking pleasure in every day but you are also honest(shit.. where did you learn that?)
    I do have to laugh as Bec and I just had the same conversation..she doesn't feel like she can be a good Grandma and still work full time.. there isn't enough time in the day etc etc.. but somehow we do it.. and even tho I am bone tired.. I wouldn't trade a minute.. especially now, loving how full my life is with loving children, son in law, hubby and did I mention the cutest baby in the world?
    love you lots
    xoxo Mom
    PS Praise God you are organized.. :)


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