Monday, September 20, 2010

5 months

Well, people aren't lying when they say babies grow fast. I cannot believe this man is 5 months old!
  • He is practicing sitting up! He looks like a bit of a Orangutan, but it is pretty cute.

  • But sometimes he is wobbly and tips over. Oops

  • I love watching him take in his surroundings from a different perspective. Everything is new when you are looking at it from an upright position.

  • He has found his feet and although I think it is cute when he eats his entire foot, is does make diaper changing a bit challenging.

  • He is much more interested in toys and stuffed animals and everything around him. Just look at this concentration.

  • Paul is obsessed with his exersaucer. He can stay very busy for almost an hour in there. He gets pretty excited when he hits something and it starts making sounds. He looks at us like he is a genius baby. Obviously he is.

  • He had another visit from Maureen, but this time Will joined in the. Maureen is a Labor and Delivery nurse, therefore loving everything baby. Will was hilarious holding Paul, wondering if Paul was comfortable and being very concerned about Paul's spit-up situation. Maureen and I obviously did not give Will any reassurance and instead just laughed and laughed. Luckily, Will was a good sport!

  • Bath time is still a big hit, although now Paul tries to sit up and scares the heck out of his mom and dad. Bath time is definitely a two man operation.

  • Paul is chunking up nicely, and I just love his rolly thighs and butt.

  • He is a great little sleeper, he smiles all the time, he laughs, he talks (screams), he loves Diddy, he loves us and has us both wrapped around his little finger.

Happy 5 months little man. Keep on truckin.

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  1. He's so adorable and cute! It's so crazy how fast the grow huh?


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