Friday, September 10, 2010


Everyone should read this book. It is so good.

Almost every day at school, one of my students tell me they "hate reading." Can you believe that? So I have decided that they just haven't found the right book.

I am reading Mudbound to my sophomore US History class. I just read for 20 minutes at the start of every class and they have to reflect on that day's reading in a spiral notebook.

Last week I was running around school and I saw a girl walking around out of the library. I glanced down and she was carrying Mudbound. When she saw me, she grinned and said she had to check it out so she could find out what happens. LOVE IT.

1 point for Mrs. Vaughn


  1. Ummm...Can I vote for you for teacher of the year? You are.

  2. Those kids are so lucky to have you for their teacher. They can't help but catch your love of reading! Great book choice.

  3. My wife = 2011 Teacher of the Year!!!!


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