Thursday, October 28, 2010

Long and Lean

Paul is in the 86th percentile for height. Who knew?

Paul is in the 18th percentile for weight. This is hard for me to believe because I think he has a Buddha belly and chunky thighs. I wonder what a baby looks like in the 90th percentile?

I think he is in the 100th percentile for cuteness. But that's just my opinion.


  1. Absolutely the 100th for cuteness. And for 95th+ percentile for weight, look at pictures of Olivia at 6 months. She was there. =)

  2. HE'S GOING TO BE TALL!!! As for the weight percentile, they didn't call his father "Stick" for nothing!

  3. Just did a "competency" at the hospital on "childhood obesity". Trust me, Small Paul is PERFECT!! That percentile stuff is misleading!

  4. Such a cute picture--but then, all of his pictures are cute. But in this one he is even more adorable. Wish I could kiss and hug him right now!


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