Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Big Boy

My baby doesn't like to cuddle anymore. It is so sad. I can't believe I would get irritated when he was younger when he never wanted to be put down. What was I thinking???? Now he is constantly on the go, wanting to scoot, to climb on me, to stand, to get into trouble.

Now the only time I get some good cuddles is when I put Paul to bed. I feed him his last bottle upstairs in his rocking chair. Then I bring him up to my chest to give him his final burp of the day. He is so exhausted that he cuddles up on my chest and falls asleep. It is the best part of my day and I always spend a few extra minutes rubbing his back and telling him how he must be the best baby in the entire world. I know I need to appreciate these moments. Before I know it he will want me to drop him off a block away from the movie theater so his friends don't see him with his mom.


  1. Noooo! This post made me so sad! I don't ever want them to grow up!

  2. How can we stunt their growth without child services being called? Seriously. This makes me sad...


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