Saturday, November 6, 2010

Date Night

Last night Ryan and I went to the Nuggets game. We dropped off Paul for a sleep over at my parent's house so we could eat some nachos, have some beers, and watch the Nuggets win.
This morning I went to pick up Paul. When I opened the door, there was a lot of shuffling around, my mom trying to block me from the living room glancing nervously behind me.
"Is Ryan with you? " she asked, her voice shaking a bit.
When I told her no, my mom was visibly relived. I finally worked my way into the room to find this:

My little turkey baby.

When my dad sent me this picture via email, he added:
In previous email I was thinking that small Paul was the one likely to be traumatized by these pics. But after thinking about it some more, it's more likely that Ryan will be the one who will require therapy after seeing his son dressed like a turkey (and rather enjoying the experience).

Sorry Ryan!


  1. sometimes.. you have to sacrifice for the photo opportunity.. thank God.. Paul ( small ) and I are on the same page.. he thinks Granny Annie is a hoot.. I can tell already the boy will do anything for a laugh... my type of guy.
    PS.. I love him

  2. We both just love this one. As Ryan calls him...Captain Smiles! :)

  3. what a great hat....Ryan will just have to get used to all the holiday celebrating in Elaine's family. We like to go all out for every holiday and birthday, as Ryan has probably discovered. Ryan--just join in and enjoy yourself.

  4. That is priceless. And happy the two of you got a night to yourselves. That's so important.


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