Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dudes in Their Coats

Last night we went out to dinner to celebrate my impending 30th birthday. Just to be clear I am not 30 yet. I still have 4 days. To celebrate, all the boys wore their pea coats.
Do you want to die with cuteness overload?

We went to one of our favorite restaurants downtown, Vesta Dipping Grill. After making a 5:00 reservation (yes you read that right) and having a heated discussion on how long it actually takes to drive to the restaurant, we arrived! We had wine, appetizers, great meals, and the best dessert. However, going out to dinner is not as relaxing as it once was. Someone likes to grab every single thing off the table and put it in his mouth. Then someone likes to drop before mentioned items on the floor and whine until someone picks them up. Someone also likes to bang a spoon on the table while screaming. Luckily, we had 5 adults and only one baby and we all worked as a team to avoid getting kicked out of the restaurant.
Luckily, this "someone" is the cutest baby in town.


  1. I think they are all adorable.. in their pea coats. and Thank God..they have a pushy- wife/mom/gg who makes them all wear the same thing!
    As far as Elaine's birthday.. took her to lunch today and hello.. we had to have some wine to celebrate the big 3-0.. and of course Mrs.Vaughn.. gets carded.. can't believe.. my baby is 30 !!

  2. Oh my goodness....the coat picture is to die for.

  3. EXCUSE ME?! BABY PAUL HAS A PEACOAT!? its too cute i can't take it. why do i always feel like he's smirking right at me when i see him give me that charm boy baby paul smile. i love you too baby paul!

  4. They are all cute in their pea coats. But seriously, Small Paul is THEE cutest!!!! (Sorry Paul, Ryan, and Buck!) We were down the street at Jax celebrating Steve's and Doug's birthdays! Darn...I forgot about Vesta! I LOVE that place! Enjoy your last couple of days in this decade!!!!!

  5. Elaine--I can't believe you got carded just before your 30th birthday!!! Now THAT's a REALLY GOOD birthday present! I can still remember your 1st birthday party at Gaz's house in 1981--a whole bunch of adults and little you, staring up at the Raggedy Ann with the birthday balloons, not smiling, not sure exactly who this Raggedy Ann person was....Can't believe you're 30! Sending lots of love and hugs on this special day!
    Love, Auntie Martha


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