Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Ryan and I left work a little early today so Paul could meet Santa. We heard on the weekends the waiting time can be up to 4 hours!!! What dedicated parents could wait in line for FOUR hours? Not us. So we went today. I thought the outing would be a little irritating. Lots of kids. A long line. Poor teenage boys dressed up as Santa's helpers. And frankly the afternoon started off just as bothersome as we expected. Pictures with Santa are not cheap anymore. I had no idea. After choosing the most economical package, we made our way into Santa's workshop. Literally Paul was on Santa's lap for 3.2 seconds, flashed a huge smile for the camera, and I teared up thinking how cute my baby was.
Obviously after I saw this I paid the extra money for the digital version because I HAD to blog. Paul loves Santa! And we love him!


  1. OMG. LOVE IT! Is that a gingerbread man on his sweater? I am dying over here... LOVE IT! he is so happy to be meeting Santa!

  2. and PS - where did you find that great looking Santa?

  3. Paul knows he'll be getting whatever he wants from the big guy! What a charmer! (also, I agree with Sarah. This Santa has nice twinkly eyes.)

  4. OMG HOLLYWOOD SNAP THIS BABY UP.. HIS GG WILL BE HIS AGENT.. but in reality what really makes me happy is how happy he is. xoxo GG

  5. Oh my goodness!!! Too too too adorable!
    We are taking M tonight when at a Christmas event. I hope she gets the chance to sit on his lap and lines aren't crazy. I know I wouldn't wait four hours. Thats madness.


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