Sunday, December 12, 2010

Moms of the Year!

My best pal Sarah and I were pregnant together for a bit. We had this wonderful fantasy that when we had our babes we would power walk around a park with our strollers. We could talk baby talk, catch up, admire each other's babies.

Saturday we finally made this dream come true. Except it was cold. Really cold. The new moms that we are thought we had bundle up our children appropriately. We had hats, jackets, and blankets. We walked for about an hour and everything was fine. The babies were sleeping, they woke up but seemed content in their strollers. Then all hell broke loose. Paul started crying. I thought he must be hungry, so we stopped and tried to feed him. He wanted nothing to do with the bottle. Delilah started crying. Sarah tried to give her a bottle while I calmed down Paul. It was going no where fast. We decided we needed to get back to our cars ASAP. It may have been the longest 10 minutes of my life. Paul wouldn't get back into his car seat so I pushed the stroller while holding my screaming child. Delilah did not like the sound of Paul having a tantrum so she cried too. We got to the cars and tried to feed the babes again, but they were so worked up it wasn't very successful. I finally packed up and drove away, leaving Sarah in the backseat of her car to enjoy the sound of Paul screaming all the way home. When I got back, I noticed poor Paul's face was chapped from the wind and his little hands felt like icicles. Sarah text messaged me that little Delilah's feet were freezing. So maybe the real cause of this major meltdown was that these poor innocent children were COLD. Mommy FAIL.

Paul, in happier times.


  1. I HAVE TO HAVE THIS PICTURE!!! He is absolutely adorable.

  2. look at how much hair he has?!!!

    totally jealous i dont live in denver and cant go for baby freezing power walks with you!


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