Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Car Carts

Tonight I innocently went to the grocery store. For some reason it was the busiest place in Colorado. And everywhere I looked there were those HUGE carts. The ones that are attached to the play cars so I guess kids can feel like they are in charge. Which they always are, so I don't really know why they need a car to prove their point.

I hate those carts. Hate. They are big. They take up the entire aisle. They irritate me. And I am fully aware when Paul gets old enough to notice these stupid carts, I will be the idiot behind one. But I won't like it.


  1. Seriously, if you went to the King Soopers by our house, it really is the busiest one in the state. Ryan has asked. That place is nuts at any given day.

    And yes, I can't stand those carts...however, I cannot promise that I will never try one out with the Ty Guy :)

  2. I didn't like them either but am now guilty of using them. Of course we would get one, O would ride for about 10 minutes and then want to walk so it was a total waste to even get one. We just don't take her to the store anymore.

  3. P.S. Not only is it irritating to have to deal with other people who have one when you don't, it is also just as irritating to drive one yourself for the exact same reasons.


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