Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Father/Son moment.

The other day I came downstairs to see Ryan going to the bathroom with the door open, while Paul was strapped into his highchair in the hallway. Ryan was doing his business while singing songs and Paul was laughing. It was quite the sight.

I chuckled a bit and asked Ryan what the heck he was doing. His response was simple: I can't watch him while I am going to the bathroom, so I had to confine him.


  1. hilarious!! and oddly loving this visual.

    um....i just realized that i wasn't a follower of your blog. ?!

    i am now.

  2. ah.... old lady # 2 speaking.. isn't this putting your personal business on blast.. do I have to start saving for this child's therapy? tooo funny!
    xoxo GG Ann

  3. I tried to teach him to keep the bathroom door closed while he was in there. And to put the toilet seat lid down when done. Just wait until it's time to potty train, and the two of them are in there together aiming at the toilet targets!


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