Friday, January 21, 2011

Random thoughts on a Friday.

-Last night I was giving Paul a bath and I thought I was turning the water off but instead I made the water really HOT. The water poured on Paul's hand and he cried. I felt awful. I still feel awful. He stopped crying after a second and I only checked his hand 105 times to make sure I didn't scar the poor baby for life. I didn't. But I am still feeling guilty.

- I watched the finale of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night. The end was too uncomfortable so I had to watch the last 15 minutes with the TV muted. Kim's an alcoholic? That explains a lot. I love Lisa. Everyone else is on their way to crazy town. Except Kyle's hair. I love that hair.

- I want to see the movie No Strings Attached with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. I know my husband is going to roll his eyes at "another romantic comedy." But maybe I can convince him because Natalie is the star. He loves her.

-Paul is getting better at feeding himself. But he also likes to share his food with the dog. He lets Diddy lick his cracker and then puts it in his mouth for a taste. This process repeats itself 12 times. I should put the dog outside when Paul eats, but for some reason I think this cracker sharing is cute. I am disgusting.

- I am getting my haircut tomorrow. I can't decide if I should keep it long or chop it off. This is my biggest decision of the weekend. My life is hard.

That is all. I am sure you now feel intellectually stimulated from reading this post. You're welcome.


  1. I got my hair did yesterday. Thought I wanted to chop it off, changed my mind, told the hairdresser I didn't know what I wanted and she should just go with what she wanted.

    I think I have a mullet.

    A good lookign mullet, because I got like 30 compliments on it today, but still a mullet. And I think the compliments are because I got color too and it looks SOOOOO good. The mullet part not so much.

    And Landon does the cracker thing with the dog too. And he's 20 months and still thinks its funny. Oh well. he's sick alot less than other kids. Im helping his immunity!!

  2. do you have a plan for the hair? I always watch the Bach and see all these girl with their long long hair and think that's what I need. And then I feel how thin mine is and quickly cut it.

    And germs from the dog...just makes these boys strong. And think how nice it is to have Diddy come in and clean everything up. Everyone should have a dog. For that reason alone.

  3. Tina @ Faith Fitness FunJanuary 23, 2011 at 3:24 PM

    I hate deciding what to do with my hair. Hope it turned out well. Sure it did though.


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