Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Day!

The high tomorrow is predicted to be -2. The low? -17. UGH. But all this can be forgiven because the school district already called a snow day for tomorrow! There is actually not much snow, so I guess it is more of a "Too Cold Day."

I am so excited to sleep in, drink coffee, watch the Today show, and hang out with Ryan and the babe. Snow days are the best!!!!


  1. oh my god now who's jealous?! i'm also sitting here not-so-secretly hoping that i get put on call for work in the next 5 minutes. i'd love to stay home and do nothing. somehow its not the same as sitting home all weekend doing nothing.

  2. SO jealous you lucky lady! Enjoy it!

  3. I'm in Denver right now on an overnight. . got in at midnight last night and it was 0 degrees. 0!!!!

    I was so cold, I grabbed my bags, tossed the van driver a five and told him to keep the change. It wasn't worth the $4 to wait outside in that weather!

    I wonder if I'll get stuck in DEN today bc of weather? Wouldn't be SUCH a bad thing!


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