Saturday, February 26, 2011

Care Packages

It's no secret that I love receiving letters in the mail, but a package? It feels like Christmas showed up on your doorstep. The excitement increases when I see a return address from my pal in Texas. I just know it is going to be really good. Her latest care package did not disappoint. Inside I found a pair of socks I had left at her apartment during out last visit, a pair of white curtains I lusted over in her living room from IKEA (and for the love of God they are finally building an IKEA in Denver but it doesn't open until the fall),
army green skinny cargo pants,

and a generous Lululemon gift card from Maux and Tori as a token of their support on my yoga teacher training journey.

Seriously, I have the best friends in the world!


  1. Should I be wearing skinny cargos?!?!?

  2. you've gotta have a new lululemon outfit for yoga teacher training!

  3. Once you start working as a Yogi, sign-up for this!


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