Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Friday Thoughts

  • I went to 6 am yoga this morning. On a Friday. On my spring break. I'm old.
  • My carpets are currently being cleaned and I couldn't be happier. Again, I'm old.
  • Paul is sleeping through all this rather loud activity downstairs. How do they do that?
  • It is April- Paul's birth month. Don't talk about this impending 1 year old birthday because I start to tear up. It is a real problem.
  • I just ordered Paul's birthday invitations and they are very cute if I do say so myself.
  • It is so beautiful outside that a date at the park is needed as soon as Paul wakes up.
  • Only 9 more days of yoga teacher training. I can taste the end!
  • Paul's hair only grows in the back. Is he destined for a mullet?
  • When Paul's cute 16 year old babysitter came over this week, she commented on how much the little man likes to dance.
  • We went to the zoo yesterday. It was very crowded and made Ryan and I very anxious about the state of humanity. To remedy, we came home and had a few beers.
  • Happy weekend to everyone! Do something fun!


  1. The most noteworthy points of this post are that Paul likes to dance and potentially will have a mullet. I can see him 20 Aprils from now at the Border making you proud. ;)

  2. A part of me really wants Paul to have a mullet. That's the kind of friend I am! JK. Let's have drinks in the park today!


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