Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Tribute to my Ryan!

Ryan turns 32 today. In celebration, here are 32 hard facts about my husband:

1. He hates getting up in the morning. Actually he hates waking up in general. Don't want to catch him waking up from a nap.... he's got some real attitude.

2. He thinks playing catch with anyone is heaven on Earth.

3. He has excellent directional sense.
4. He loves wearing sweat pants. The ones with elastic at the ankle. But he will not wear sweat pants in public. Thank you God.

5. He does extra things for the family like coach baseball and teach summer school so I can sit on the couch and watch marathons of Extreme Couponing. And spend more time with our child.

6. He loves breakfast burritos. Whenever we go out for brunch 9/10 times, this is what he will order.

7. When we first met he didn't like sushi. Can you imagine? I converted him during a Las Vegas trip. Vegas really does change lives.

8. Ryan gives all his baseball kids a Power Animal that is used to motivate their skills. The kids gave Ryan a Power Animal: a penguin. They told me it was because he kind of waddles (?) and that penguins look like they are wearing a tuxedo. That is funny. Mr. Vaughn is also funny. These kids are geniuses.

9. He loves drinking jack and coke on an airplane.

10. He makes the bed every morning. Except the weekends.

11. He has an obsession with chips and salsa.

12. He loves making baby Paul laugh .

13. He rarely gets angry. Unless he just woke up. Or he has to talk to Qwest.

14. I rarely call him Ryan. I usually call him Babe.

15. Ryan has an unhealthy addiction with the Broncos.

16. He loves the movie Rounders. When he is doing well at poker, he watches it. When he is losing in poker, he watches it. When life has nothing to do with poker, he watches it.

17. He has a special crush on Meryl Streep

18. When it is baseball season, Ryan's need to spit increase 99%.

19. He likes to wrestle. He tries to wrestle me because he needs a "testosterone fix." Luckily, Paul is just about old enough to take this role over for me.

20. Ryan loves watching the Bachelor. Or the Bachelorette.

21. He is a worrier. His top worries are someone breaking into our house or his car. These things have never happened to him.

22. He has some baseball record at University of Northern Colorado. It is on a poster. He likes to remind me of the glory days and when girls came to games just to watch him play. Luckily, I am not impressed.

23. He likes being tan. But after baseball season he has a weird hat/sunglasses/tee-shirt tan.

24. He loves Jon Stewart.

25. He has dreams of making Sunday breakfast for the entire family. This Sunday would be a nice time to start this tradition.

26. He loves mint chocolate ice cream.

27. He loves loves loves girl scout thin mints cookies.

28. He is against family photos. I never listen to these complaints.

29. He is very against clutter. He has physical reactions to too much "stuff."

30. He likes to wind down the day with a Newcastle. Or three.

31. If it were up to him he would wear jeans and his black zip up hoodie everyday. Fortunately, it is not up to him.

32. He is my favorite person in the world!

Happy Birthday Ryan!


  1. this is so sweet and funny! you guys are a great couple!

    cant wait to my clutter to house soon.

  2. All true but I have a few amendments:
    #15. My addiction is not unhealthy.
    #17. My crush on Meryl Streep is not a physical crush, I have a crush on her unbelievable acting talent
    #22. I'm 10th on the list of career walks at UNC... no biggie
    #25. No I don't
    #28. I don't like pictures for any reason really, not just family photos


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