Thursday, June 16, 2011

14 Months Today!

Today my babe turned 14 months! I can't believe it! He is so sweet and I feel incredibly lucky to have the summer home with him. This month he has been much more interested in reading. He will take a book from his basket, walk backwards to sit in our laps, and listen to us read. He usually lasts the entire (short) book, but you never know!

He knows where is belly is and then finds it necessary to lift up our shirts to find our bellies too. This is not such a great trick when we are in public.

He likes to jump, where he does the whole action but his feet never leave the ground.

He is better at waving and saying "Hi" to people. He just started to initiate playing peek-a-boo by putting his hands over his eyes and then waiting for us to exclaim, "peek-a-boo." So cute.

He also knows how to "cheers." He says his own version of the word and then clinks his sippy cup to our glass and takes a big swig of milk. When he is done is always ends with "Ahhhhhhh."

He has been talking more! He can say Dada, Mama, Hi, Diddy, Jackie, G, Nana, Night-Night, Uh-Oh, Cheers, grapes, bib, block, bat, ball, yellow, and a whole lot of other stuff we can't understand yet. He likes to "practice" his talking when he goes to sleep at night. After we put him down we can hear him chatting to himself.

It is also amazing how much he understands. He can pick out a specific toy we ask him for. He tries to put our shoes back on our feet. He closes the refrigerator and dishwasher for us. And he just figured out where we keep the M & M's so he likes to go to that drawer and point until we get him what he wants!

He loves swimming! When he floats on his back he starts laughing. He loves story time at the library and has impressed me by listening to the books read aloud. He learned how to do a forward roll (with assistance) at gymnastics! We have been playing with bubbles, in the sprinklers and with sidewalk chalk. I love summer!

Paul is a small dude! Pretty skinny even though he eats quite a bit. Ryan says he may be small, but he is mighty! I agree. Paul is the sweetest little man! I just love him more and more everyday!!

Pictures by this nice lady!


  1. What a great post. He's learning so much, so quickly! Such a happy, darling little guy. XOXO Nana

  2. so jealous you get the WHOLE summer off with you little man. hope you're having so much fun!


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