Friday, June 3, 2011


For my 18th birthday my two best friends got us all tickets to the Big Head Todd concert. We had a great time and we left singing our favorite songs. As we approached the door to leave, a man asked us if we wanted to meet the band. Our eyes grew wide and the three of us nodded our heads in approval. Then the man threw a wrench in our plan- he only had room for two of us. Disappointment grew as we decided not to accept the offer. We couldn't decide who would go, who would be left out, and how we would choose. As we told the man we were not going to meet the band if all of us couldn't go a woman behind us scoffed, "You all won't be friends in 10 years. Two of you should just go."

Last night we clinked our margarita glasses in remembrance of that woman!
Alison just graduated medical school and is moving to North Carolina next week to start her residency. Sarah just graduated with her Master's degree and scored a 2nd grade teaching starting in the fall. I simply have had the pleasure of knowing these two ladies for 12 years!

By the way, after we refused the man's offer at the concert, he decided to let us all go meet the band. Big Head Todd in fact has a big head. And that night is one of my favorite memories.


  1. Take that, Bi%&hes!!

    Such a cute post - I have those friends I've known FOREVER as well, and there ain't nothing like 'em!!

  2. look at the three of you all grown up :)
    wonderful story..
    xoxo Granny Annie


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