Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Girls are no good

We took Paul out to lunch on Monday. We sat in a booth and Paul sat at the front of the table in a high chair illustrating once again that he is in charge.

There was another little girl in a high chair at the neighboring table and the two of them were flirting a bit. Paul would put his head on the table so the girl couldn't see him and then pop up and give her his sexy eyes while laughing. This was kind of cute until Paul tried to put his head back on the table and smacked his eye on the edge resulting in blood and screams. Not a great way to impress a lady. The poor girl never looked at Paul again for the rest of lunch. Ouch.

Here's the evidence. Not a great picture, but you can see the red mark under his left eye. I am a bit surprised that this is our first experience with blood, but I feel like there will be a few more in his lifetime!


  1. don't worry paul. auntie mo is on her way to kiss that boo boo!

  2. I have to agree and am a little scared....there will probably be many more injuries trying to impress those silly girls!!

  3. the little flirt! (He looks so handsome in his collared shirt!)

  4. Poor Paul! Nolan also busted his eye open at a salon (just where you want a screaming baby with everyone around you trying to relax and be pampered). We have had a couple bloody lip/mouth incidences. I am impressed you made it a year!! We should do a play date soon. How is your summer schedule going?


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