Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Movies!

Last night Ryan and I saw Bad Teacher. We had such high hopes but I was disappointed. It wasn't that funny and dirty. Not in a good way!
However, we did see the preview for The Help! It looks really good!
So does Friends with Benefits (I love you Justin Timberlake)
and Horrible Bosses!

What's on your summer movie list?


  1. darn, I am bummed about the bad reviews for Bad Teacher... maybe I will just wait for rent! I really want to see the Help!

  2. You're the third person I've heard say that about Bad Teacher! I'm so bummed. Guess I'll wait and rent it.
    And isn't Justin dreamy??? :)

  3. I have little desire to see that movie. It just looks dirty like you said with way too much crude humor. I might end up renting it down the line for $1 from redbox but thats it.

    SOOOO want to see The Help though!


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