Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some Random Information!

- Paul fell down at the park this weekend and got a little scratch on his knee. Last night he finally realized it was there and wanted to look at it and touch it. Then we told him to kiss his "boo boo." Watching him trying to get his mouth to his knee was pure entertainment.

- Paul likes to hide. He crawls into the cabinet where all our pots and pan live, shuts the cabinet door, and stays perfectly still. Sometimes if you have to go to the bathroom and come back into the kitchen, it can freak you out for a second because you have no idea where the young man is. Not that this has happened to me.

- Paul loves to say bubbles and outside. But he says outside in the longest drawn out way possible. So funny.

- Paul is having a little separation anxiety phase, especially with me. Whenever I leave to go run an errand, he sees me packing up my purse and attaches himself to my leg and waves "bye-bye" to Ryan like he is going with me. When he learns the devastating news that he is actually staying home, he cries and cries. It makes me feel a little guilty but I also think it is kind of cute!

- It is 8:00 A.M. right now and Paul is still sleeping. I love this guy!


  1. this was such a good update about paul's new tricks! i miss him!

  2. Look at that face. He is just so cute! I feel bad about his scraped knee.


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