Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bad TV. Real Bad.

I watched the Bachelorette for 3 hours last night if you count After the Final Rose. It is 3 hours of my life I can't get back, but I just can't stop. I was happy Ashley picked JP since he seemed like the top runner from the start.
Plus, it was who Reality Steve told me was going to win. However, Ben did grow on me throughout the season and I thought his reaction to being dumped on National TV was pretty legit. I am a little shocked that she let him get through his entire proposal without stopping him. A bit Ashley.

What will I do on my Monday nights now that this riveting piece of television is over? Oh yes. This,
Looks like a perfect train wreck.


  1. The Bachelorette is my guiltiest pleasure...

  2. I will be right there with you watching the pad. I just can't stop either!

  3. I am just like you! I agree totally with your opinion on the finale and how things played out with Ben, and I totally got sucked into The Bachelor Pad from all of the previews


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