Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fishes and Sharks and Tigers, Oh My!

My mom and I took Paul to the aquarium. He was pretty unsure about the fish but LOVED the tigers.
Before you ask, I have no idea why on earth there are tigers at the aquarium, but they were worth the steep price of admission. We stayed roaring at the tigers so long that we were there to watch them being fed and the tiger take a little swim in his pond. Pretty exciting.

We then stayed to have lunch. They seat you around this fantastic aquarium so you can watch the fish swim while you eat. Everything was going well until the music turned up rather loud and all of a sudden there were girls dressed in mermaid costumes swimming in the tank. Half naked girls, their breasts pressed up to the glass. Lets just say Paul was very interested in these swimming ladies. He stared, mouth open, wouldn't take his eyes off of them. Super.
A fun day filled with fish, tigers, and sex education.


  1. i love how he is trying to crawl up the tiger cage glass. also... how come i never got a job in college as one of the swimming booby mermaids at the aquarium? that sounds right up my alley, and in line with my circus training.

  2. I laughed out loud reading this post! Your little man is one handsome baby boy!


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