Wednesday, December 21, 2011

10 Things on a Wednesday

I am not feeling very blog inspired lately. Maybe it is the holidays sneaking up on me! But here are 10 things going on in this neck of the woods.

1. I want to a yoga barre class today. It is not legit barre, but it was hard and my butt hurts and going down the stairs feels like torture. I think it worked.

2. As you may remember I was being a bit of a scrooge on the Christmas card situation, but I don't know why. I LOVE how our cards turned out and it has been so fun receiving every one's in the mail. Remind me of this next year if I decide to throw a fit again.

3. I love Christmas shopping. I think it is so fun to find people gifts that they will really like. My brother's girlfriend and my sister in law are the easiest people to shop for because I just think about what I would want and then buy it.

4. What are your holiday traditions? Since both our families live close by, we are usually bustling between the two houses but we usually spend Christmas morning just the two (or three) of us at our house. We open our presents to one another and drink mimosas. It is our little family tradition and I love it.

5. Paul is getting a potty from Santa. Exciting. I don't really want to start potty training, but since he tells us when he poops (why when you have a child do you think it is perfectly acceptable to talk bathroom talk ALL the time?) I thought we should at least introduce the potty. We shall see.

6. We saw Santa yesterday. Someone was not a fan. He was saying "Ho Ho Ho" in line and waving at the old man, but as soon as it was our turn he cried. So the picture consists of Paul, me, and Santa. I would have taken a shower had I known I would be photographed. Oh well. Always next year.
(taking pictures waiting for Santa)

7. On that note, I find it so hard to shower and get ready when I am off of work. It is disgusting.

8. I finally made it to H&M yesterday. Can you believe Denver has not had one of these? Frankly, I was a little underwhelmed. I had hoped for something much more magical. Maybe after the dust settles I will try again? I did buy a few things, one being a pair of green skinny jeans, inspired by this post of Maureen's. When I checked out the young man said, "Hmmmm. These are an interesting color of denim. They look like scrubs." Super. Lets keep all opinions to ourselves. Mmmmmkay?

9. Ryan and I tried pho for the first time last night. We were fans except that the portions are humongous and we stuffed ourselves silly. We took Paul with and he refused to take off his NBA headband. He looked pretty awesome.

10. I was playing basketball with Paul this morning, and one of his shots made me spill my entire cup of coffee on the carpet. While I got out our mini carpet cleaner, Paul ran full speed into the kitchen, grabbed the dish towel and tried to clean the mess up. Seriously. How did he know to do that?

As you can see, not that many crazy things happening in the Vaughn household. What have you been up to?


  1. Showers are totally overrated. FYI, I will NOT be showering before I come over tonight for a drink. And...I will go to the gym too. Enjoy.

  2. i can't believe paul got a potty for christmas. he is turning into such a big boy!


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