Thursday, January 12, 2012

A date with a little man.

Last week Paul and I went on a mother son date. We did some shopping (he was thrilled about this) and then we went to lunch. I feasted on a chicken salad, while Paul succeed in creating quite a mess with grilled cheese and french fries dipped in ketchup.

As Paul and I were sitting "discussing" our days, a couple next to me asked how old Paul was. I almost rolled my eyes, expecting them to exclaim that Paul is so little for his age. Instead, the man turned to his wife when I said 20 months and said, "oh he is younger than we thought." They then went on to tell me that they have a daughter who is older than Paul who would NEVER sit that nicely at a restaurant.

I assured them we only had a 25 minute lunch window and we have to speed eat in order to avoid any meltdowns. But the nonetheless, it was a nice compliment. Looks like we can be lunch again. At least get it in before he turns 15 and rolls his eyes at the prospect of eating with his mother.

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