Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Funny Wednesday Tidbits!

  • My friend Tori sent my this blog post written in a toddler's perspective during meal time.  If you have tried to feed a toddler recently you will see the humor and reality of your life.  Check it out!
  • Tori also sent me this cute link for when November and December hit and everyone and their mom asks me if the baby has arrived.  I can simply send this this link:  LOVE IT.
  • Pinstrosity will literally provide hours of entertainment of pinterest projects gone wrong!   They provide the "what it was suppose to look like" and then the actual result! Here are my favorites:





  1. The Honest Toddler Recipes is hysterical- sounds just like Ryan!

  2. pintrosity! GENIUS! thank you for introducing me to this! of course, personally i have never experienced a pintrosity. ;)

  3. The Pintrosity pictures/descriptions had me laughing out loud! As I am not very crafty, this hit home with me. And I keep wondering how Gaz and I actually made those hanging paper balls for Paul's 1st birthday!


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