Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Inner Circle

I always have such good intentions of blogging.  It is always on my todo list.  I have beautiful fantasies of sitting at my desk with a hot cup of coffee, writing something inspirational.  Or at least something coherent.  But usually I wake up to Paul talking in his crib and from that moment on my life resembles a full speed hurricane.  I tell myself I can blog while he is napping or asleep for the night.  However, napping seems to be filled with cleaning up breakfast and lunch dishes, vacuuming something, laundry, and catching up on some TV programs.  And at night?  I don't think I go to bed much later than my 2 year old.  Which is sad.

Anyway, I did want to share about a weekend I had (almost a month ago) when my inner circle reunited!  I know it is common to have many groups of friends.  You have your work friends, your yoga friends, your neighborhood friends, your childhood friends.  Then you have your friends where it is perfectly acceptable to sit on the couch in pajamas without yet brushing your teeth and discuss any topic under the sun from beauty routines to child rearing to politics.  That is just what we did.

To plan for this sort of occasion we went on a phone restriction, meaning we were not allowed to speak to each other on the phone for two weeks prior to the visit.  Friday night when everyone arrived we didn't stop talking for hours.  HOURS.  My poor husband tried to get in a few words, but was mostly unsuccessful.  How good for the soul to eat Chinese food and listen and talk and laugh.

The rest of the weekend was filled with lots of food, manicures and pedicures, stroller walks outside, and a few episodes of Honey Boo Boo.

But mostly the weekend was filled with inspiration, recharging, and rejuvenating.  The importance of girlfriends and friendships were rebalanced.  As sweet as my husband is, he does not want to discuss the pros and cons of dry shampoo.  Nor can he devote an hour of his day to discuss the schedules of life, how we could do more with less time.  And he certainly does not want to analyze how much better we are than any ex-boyfriend that dare walk in our path.  Friends can.  It is amazing to feel cheerleaders literally at your side validating your choices, your parenting, your fashion decisions.  To remind you that you are doing a good job.  That you are doing the best you can.  That pregnancy is hard, being a parent of a two-year old is hard, that being a teacher is hard, and maintaining good skin is extremely difficult.


I wish these two ladies lived across the street.  And we could sit on lawn chairs in my drive way while our children rode their tricycles on the street ahead of us.  One of us would make margaritas, while the others would keep an eye on the kids and yell at cars driving too fast in the neighborhood.  But maybe it is because I don't see them everyday that their visits mean more.  I can store up all my incessant chatter for another weekend.  Which we need to plan.  I will start by diligently spending money on my miles credit card in order to fly first class wherever the destination.  You're welcome Ryan.  

These are my people!


  1. love this post and all these photos and i love you! ugh- where is our cul de sac? where are our professional reading careers? when is our next girls weekend?! love you so much!!!!


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