Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Reading Room

We moved this summer when I was pregnant and unmotivated.  It literally took us months to unpack boxes because lying on the couch was much more desirable.  We finally got our acts together, and put together the boy's rooms and the guest room.  We have an additional bedroom/office that was lacking any sort of decor.  The previous owners had used it as a craft room but since I don't even sew buttons, I didn't think I should carry on that theme.  As you can see, this was literally a blank canvas.

I did have some bookshelves in there and a random chair, but it lacked direction to say the least.  One of my former students is a freshman in college and studying interior design.  I had her over during her Winter break to see if she had some inspiration.  Of course she did.  This gal worked her tail off creating an amazing space just for me.  Since I now live in an all boy house she made the room a little retreat for me.  I love it.  The pictures don't do it justice because of all the natural light this room has.  I should get out my good camera and take better pictures, but I am too tired.  Trust me.  

These are my new white bookshelves, that still need to be mounted to the wall and then I will add all my favorite books! 

White frames that still need pictures of my cute family, and a custom made mirror! 

My comfy chaise lounge with white throw!  She made that side table and lamp using zip ties.  Isn't that crazy?  See that tiny little box on the side table?  It is decorative and pretty.  One day I opened it up and found 5 little cars in there.  I guess a certain 2 year old is not getting the "no boys allowed' message.  

The room is so nice and has a relaxing energy to it.  I can't wait to sit in there with wine and a good book and have a little girl time! 

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