Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Word

I know I said I would reveal my 2013 word on Monday. And now it's Thursday. But given my crazy household, I would say that is close enough.

My word for the year is exploration.

I was in yoga for the first time since Charlie was born and it was a humbling experience. And before you say it, I know I just had a baby and blah, blah, blah. After feeling sorry for myself for a second knowing I'm starting again at square one, I thought I could use this time to start over. To revisit why I like yoga so much and appreciate what it does for my mind and soul.  I need to once again explore my practice.

I want to spend the year exploring what it means to be the mother of two sweet boys.  How to divide my time so they both feel equally important.  Aid them in their growth, learning, manners, and just being overall nice people.

I want to spend the year in exploration of what my marriage looks like now that we are the parents of two children.  How can we connect with one another while toddlers are crashing trucks in our living room or the TV is blasting Mickey Mouse.

I want to spend the year in exploration of my career.  Is this what I want to do, can I do it better, what other avenues can I findHow can I create that work/home balance?  What do I need out of my job?  Big questions!

I want to spend the year exploring how we can make our house fabulous.  I want to explore new books, articles, more time for this blog.  I want to find time for our family to experience new adventures, as well as nurture quiet time as a family.  I want to explore a little more of my creative side. 

I am ready for all the new possibilities 2013 has to offer!  What is your New Year's word?

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